Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Memphis man shoots teen who refuses to pull up saggy pants

A 45-year-old man angry over two teens' sagging pants fired several shots at them during an argument, hitting one in the buttocks, police said. He now faces aggravated assault charges.

Two male teens were walking to a house in southeast Memphis where a woman sells candy when Kenneth E. Bonds yelled at them to pull up their pants, police Sgt. Ron Perry said in an arrest document.

Perry said the teens refused and the three began arguing in the street. Bonds then brandished a semi-automatic pistol and threatened to shoot the teens.

Bonds fired one shot but missed, Perry said. As the teens ran away, Bonds fired several more rounds and hit a 17-year-old in the rear.

The bullet exited through the teen's thigh, and he went to a hospital in non-critical condition, Perry said. The other teen was not injured. ...

Police arrested Bonds this past weekend on two aggravated assault charges after speaking with a witness and Bonds, who acknowledged shooting the teen, Perry said.

Bonds was released from jail Monday on $25,000 bond.  ...

via Memphis man shoots teen who refuses to pull up saggy pants | | The Tennessean.


silkyray said...

According to wikipedia "Lee D. Baker, Dean of Academic Affairs at Trinity College of Arts and Sciences, states that it is widely believed that sagging was adopted from the United States prison system where belts are prohibited.[2] Belts are sometimes prohibited to avoid suicide by hanging oneself, or to avoid being used as a weapon in fights.[3][4] The style was later popularized by hip-hop artists in the 1990s.[3]"

So sagging was a way to show you had been in prison? Or that you can't be trusted with a belt? Ridiculous.

Cheng said...

The gun was probably over the top. Everyone should be encouraged to carry around a wet towel though, for those fashion rage moments.

Sam said...

Yeah... I'm with you, Cheng: The shooting was a bit much. I do hate to see these people's butts, though, and really, it's pretty stupid-looking. Nobody thinks it's cool except other dumb-a$$es walking around with their butts hanging out of their pants. It's kind of similar to when Congress gives itself a raise: The only people that think Congress needs a raise is Congress.

Ann said...

Where are we going with line of thought?

I don't like your tight jeans, so I'll kick you in the crotch. Is that ok?

I don't like your tie, so I tug on it 'till you choke. Is that better?

Good thing codpieces aren't popular, as they once were, you'll love what I could do to them. (0r you might not.)

Don't dictate your feelings to others. This is what the guy in the story did wrong. The gun part was only an expression of his insanity (a compulsion).

We're not YET living in a fascist society.

Ann said...

Why is it ridiculous?

Cheng said...

I like the idea of cod pieces Ann. It would give us somewhere to hang the wet towel. :)

Sam said...

Ann, it's not impossible to have an insane response to a legitimate issue. Obviously, the man who shot the guy was in the wrong. However, walking around showing off your butt is just tacky. You'll never get me to agree that it is acceptable. We don't have to be in a fascist society to expect some level of decency in public.