Monday, October 18, 2010

People: President Obama tapes appearance on 'Mythbusters'

Vicki Walker  - ... Obama, called "commander in geek" by E! Online, will join the Bay Area's own Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage on "Mythbusters' " Dec. 8 episode.

The myth: Whether Greek scientist Archimedes used the sun's reflection on mirrors to set fire to invading Roman fleets in 214 B.C.

Obama announced Monday at the White House Science Fair that he taped an appearance on the Discovery Channel show, "although I didn't get to blow anything up. I was a little frustrated about that."

Aw. Maybe Jamie will give Obama a cool beret of his own.

Apparently, however, this myth hasn't been busted enough. The Discovery Channel show disproved the theory in 2004, was challenged by fans, then busted it again in 2006. Hmm. 2004, 2006, 2010 -- this must be an election-year thing. ....

via People: President Obama tapes appearance on 'Mythbusters' - San Jose Mercury News.


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