Monday, April 11, 2011

J. Edgar Hoover's Saucer Crash Secrets

jedgar.jpgIt is said that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover could find out “anything about everything.” His deep and unrelenting investigation of the secret activities of politicians, military, celebrities and foreign leaders is legendary. When determined to do so, he could learn the facts about any event or subject of interest. His compulsion to find out about such hidden things was insatiable and often even bordered on the perverse. But did Hoover’s interest in “things concealed” extend to ET? Did Hoover indeed discover the truth about the retrieval of crashed craft from another world? New information -and a fresh examination of a body of relevant FBI documents from decades ago - says “Yes.” ...

via The UFO Iconoclast(s): J. EDGAR HOOVER’S SAUCER CRASH SECRETS by Anthony Bragalia.

Anthony finds that Hoover was suspicious of what we did learn and likely dug deeper until he found the truth. He is filing a FOIA request  to obtain the Roswell crash analysis that Hoover was promised in another document.

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