Tuesday, January 17, 2006

“Alien” Embryo Removed From 35-Year-Old Man’s Back

A 35-year-old tractor operator, Igor Namyatov, has undergone surgery to be relieved of what had initially been diagnosed as a tumor, but turned out to be the embryo of his unborn twin brother.... Doctors said the embryo belonged to Namyatov's unborn brother who had spent 35 years in the body of the patient. Namyatov's fellow villagers doubted the explanation given by the doctors. Some even surmised the object removed from Namyatov's body was an extraterrestrial organism. "It is a pity they have removed it. They should have waited to see what would become of it later on. That would have been a great scientific find, one of the villagers said. The "little brother" first made himself known when Igor was 15. At that time the boy complained about pains in his back, but doctors played down his complaints saying it was only a harmless fatty tumor. Twenty years later the pains came back. The doctors decided to operate at once. They were genuinely surprised to see that the tumor was in fact an embryo with little legs and hands. A forensic expert summoned to the village to investigate refused to probe the incident saying it was clear anyway that the object was an underdeveloped embryo. Igor Namyatov refused to leave the embryo at the hospital for further research." - mosnews


Strange to be a 35 year old embryo. Was this internal parasitic twin perhaps a thinking individual? Did it have a head? Are they just calling it an embryo to avoid the idea that they had to kill an attached adult?

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Can we bring back a long-extinct animal?

"In what would be an unprecedented feat, a South African amateur scientist says he is going to bring an animal back from extinction: the quagga. A large mammal that descended from the zebra, the quagga filled South Africa's plains for millennia. But it fell to gun-toting European colonists and was last seen alive in 1883." - slate


Video from secret New Mexico base with aliens?

Here's a fun thing. It purports to be a video from a secret facility where aliens are stored in vats. Found on CrowdedSkies site. Also see here. Anyone have the scoop? The lights are too theatrical to seem real to me. Check it out: RealMedia. dated 10/7/1997, Nippon TV. Warning: Even a fairly smart person might spend years reading alien/conspiracy stuff and still not learn for certain which parts, if any, are true. Perhaps that's the point.


Wednesday, January 4, 2006