Xeno's UFO Timeline

100 points: (=) Undisputed physical evidence or historical fact.
75 points: (£) Logical deduction from undisputed evidence/facts
50 points: (O) Witness report untainted trained/careful/credible observer
25 points: (o) Eye-witness testimony of untainted layperson
10 points: (+) Second hand information, unexposed to disinfo
2 points: (?) Unverified from researchers who also cite known facts
1 point: (~) Testimony after disinfo contact, coersion, or long time
0 points: (-) Imagination, rumors, unknown

= 200 B.C. Chinese create first gunpowder through mixing charcoal, saltpeter and sulphur.
= 600 A.D. Fireworks rockets: Chinese had adapted gunpowder to send other explosive charges into the air for entertainment.

= 1285 Arabs began using gunpowder propelled fire arrows in combat according to Military writings of al-Hasan al-Rammah.
= 1379: Italian named Muratori uses word “rochetta” to describe gunpowder propelled fire arrows used in medieval times. First use of the word later translated in English as “rocket”
= 1540: Vannoccio Biringuccio published “De La Pirotechnia” (On Pyrotechnics) the first book on metallurgy to be published in Europe. It was in Italian and contained several chapters on the preparation and use of rockets in warfare and festivals. – x

= Apr 4, 1541: Nuremberg, Germany. “a lot of men and women saw a very alarming spectacle where various objects were involved, including balls “approximately 3 in the length, from time to time, four in a square, much remained insulated, and between these balls, one saw a number of crosses with the color of blood. Then one saw two large pipes, in which small and large pipes, were 3 balls, also four or more. All these elements started to fight one against the other.” (Gazette of the town of Nuremberg).
= Jun 4, 1783: Annonay, France, First public demonstration of an unmanned hot air balloon ascent.
= Aug 27, 1783: Paris, France. First balloon inflated with hydrogen gas launched. “Unlike the Montgolfier balloon, this hydrogen-inflated balloon was closed to contain the gas. The sphere, which measured 13 feet (4 meters) in diameter, ascended from the Place des Victories in Paris to a height of nearly 3,000 feet (914 meters) and came down some 15 miles (24 kilometers) away where terrified peasants attacked and destroyed it.” – col

= Dec 1, 1783: Paris, France. First manned balloon flight. La Charlière successfully took off from the gardens of the Tuileries in Paris before a crowd of 400,000 people, carrying Charles and an assistant, M.N. Robert. They covered 27 miles before landing safely at Nesle. – col
= Jun 30, 1908: (Around 7:14 am) Tunguska Event Massive explosion with blast energy of 5 to 30 megatons about 1000 times as powerful as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan and about one third the power of the Tsar Bomba, the largest nuclear weapon ever detonated
- Summer 1922: First saucer-shaped flying machine built. Drive based on implosion. Consisted of three disks, one eight metres across, one six and a half metres above and a third disk seven metres in diameter below. All three disks had a whole at the centre “one metre eighty across in which the drive which was two meters forty high was mounted. At the bottom the central body was cone-shaped, and there a pendulum reaching the cellar was hung that served for stabilisation. In the activated state the top and bottom disk revolved in opposing directions to build up an electromagnetic rotating field.” Experiments are conducted on it two years before it is dismantled and possibly stored in the Messerschmidt factory at Augsburg. A drive called VRIL (formally SSM-L or “Schumann SM-Levitator”) emerged from this machine.

[Reality Check: In the Summer of 1922, there was no "Messerschmidt." Bayerische Flugzeugwerke (BFW) (Bavarian Aircraft Works) was reformed in 1926 in Augsburg, Bavaria. Willy Messerschmitt joined the company in 1927. - Xeno ]

- 1930′s: Victalen German super metal special armor called Victalen or Viktalen or Viktalon (Frozen Smoke) developed by German metallurgists to be used as protective skin for saucer shaped spacecraft hulls.

= 1932: Swedish researcher Arne Olader first observes the shape-memory property in gold-cadmium alloys
= July 1933: Tests of the Horton Ho I at the Bonn-Hangelar airport.

= 1935: Horton Ho-2 Flying Wing Test Flight. (video)

- 1934: RFZ-1 First circular flying craft created by the Vril society.
- 1938: RFZ-4 Vril Nazi UFO, according to Dr. Rob Arndt a captioned photo elsewhere, however, says (Raum Augsberg 1939)

- August 1939: The SS had already built the RFZ-5 (Haunebu I) make maiden flight this month. Measured more than 65 ft. First long distance aircraft.
= Dec 7, 1941: (Sunday) Japan attacks Pearl Harbor
= Dec 8, 1941: (Monday) Congress approves entry into war. Germany, Italy declare war on U.S.

= Late 1941: V-2 rocket, first ballistic missile. Army Research Center at Peenemünde where Wernher von Braun is working possessed the technologies essential to the success of the A-4. The three key technologies for the A-4 were large liquid-fuel rocket engines, supersonic aerodynamics, and guidance and control.[2]
= Feb 25, 1942: (2:25 AM ) UFO battle of LA Round dome shaped circular painted by spotlights, hammered by 15,000 rounds, unharmed, flies away. According to one video, this was the Vril RFZ-2 which used magnetic impulse steering. It was only about 16 ft from end to end. Produced optical blurring of contours when accelerating, and colored lights depending on the level of power that was applied. It remained virtually unnoticed by Germany’s political leadership.

UFO in center of spot lights, battle of LA.
= Jul 18, 1942: Germany flies first jet-powered Messerschmitt Me 262.
= Oct 1, 1942: XP-59A “Aircomet”, first US jet. Flown at Muroc Dry Lake, CA by Bell’s chief test pilot Robert M. Stanley.

= Oct 3, 1942: Wernher von Braun‘s German V2 rocket first enters outer space (50 miles up)
- December 1942: B.C. Lumsden reported two Foo Fighters whilst piloting an RAF Hurricane over France. Lumsden was flying over the mouth of the River Somme (France) at 7,000 ft. when he observed two steadily climbing orange-coloured lights, one slightly above the other. He realised that they were not flak because of the fact that they were moving slowly. When they reached 7,000 ft. they stopped climbing, staying level with his aircraft. Somewhat worried Lumsden tried to evade the objects but they followed his every move and kept level with him, even when he dropped to 4,000 and then 1,000 ft.

Only when he pushed the speed up to 260m.p.h. did he leave the lights behind.
- Summer 1943: Peenemunde research center seized by Heinrich Himmler. German rocketry now wholly-owned subsidiary of the SS. Himmler urges factories for production of war materials be built in natural caves and underground tunnels immune to enemy bombing by the summer of 1944 in the Hartz mountains in central Germany. This is done.
- Feb 14, 1944: Test flight of the V-7 supersonic helicopter equipped with 12 BMW 028 engines in Prague.

= Jun 13, 1944: First V-1 flying bomb struck London next to the railway bridge on Grove Road, Mile End. Eight civilians were killed in the blast. V-1 powered by Argus Schmidt As 014 pulse jet engine or resonant jet, could operate at zero airspeed with intake vane system and acoustically tuned resonant combustion chamber. V-1 had an autopilot, to regulate height and speed. A weighted pendulum system provided fore-and-aft attitude measurement to control pitch (damped by a gyrocompass, which it also stabilized). Speed 390 mph, range 150 miles.

= Sep 8, 1944: A4 / V-2 Rockets first launched. Lehr und Versuchs Batterie No. 444 launched a single rocket guided by a radio beam directed at Paris which caused modest damage near Porte d’Italie. The 485th at The Hague launched two against London the same day at 6:43 pm, — the first landed at Chiswick killing 3 people. Guided by advanced gyroscopic system that sent signals to steering tabs on the fins and vanes in the exhaust. Propelled by an alcohol (a mixture of 75% ethyl alcohol and 25% water), and liquid oxygen fuel. The two liquids were delivered to the thrust chamber by two rotary pumps, driven by a steam turbine. Steam turbine operated at 5,000 rpm on two auxiliary fuels: hydrogen peroxide (80 %) and a mixture of 66% sodium permanganate with water 33%. System generated about 55,000 lbs (24947 kg) of thrust at the start, which increased to 160,000 lbs (72574 kg) when the maximum speed was reached. Speed: 3,580 mph, Range 200 miles. In service until Sept 1952.

= Nov 8, 1944: Gemany offically announces the V-2 rocket.
= Nov 10, 1944: Winston Churchill informs Parliament, and the world, that England had been under rocket attack “for the last few weeks”.
= Dec 13, 1944: First reports of Foo Fighters as new German “secret” weapon.

? Fall 1944: Pilot dies testing crescent winged secret aircraft. (Jet powered flying wings had stability problems.
= Jan 4, 1945: Byron Price, Director of the Office of Censorship tells all editors and broadcasters not to publish any information about balloon bombs that reach the US since this information aids the enemy.
= Jan 1945: After extensive tests, the Horten IX was accepted by the German Air Force. Goering requests ten planes be built immediately and entire Gothaer Waggon Fabrik factory, located in the town of Gotha (Thuringia) concentrate and be converted to the production of the Horten IX. This according to Perry.

= Feb 1945: Foo Fighters identified my US intelligence as German radio-controlled jet-propelled, still-nosed, short-range high performance ramming weapon against bombers (est speed 525 mph). Arndt claims they were four separate German weapons: 1) AEG Kugelwaffen (Ball Weapons – sphericals) 2) WNF Feuerball (Fireball – ovoid weapon) 3) Seifenblasen (Soap Bubbles – SS version of Kriegsmarine Aphrodita anti-radar balloon decoy) 4) Zeppelin-Werke Kugelblitz (Ball Lightning – manned disc a/c with Messerschmitt electrostatic field weapon)

o Feb 14, 1945: Praque, German flying saucer test flight overseen by Albert Speer.
? Feb 19, 1945: Germany tests the “H-II V7 Do-Stra” UFO
? Apr 17, 1945: The V7: supersonic helicopter w/12 BMW turbo engines reaches 80,000ft (15 mi)

= May 6, 1945: Fugo balloon bomb from Japan kills 5 people near Bly, Oregon
= May 7, 1945: German govt unconditional surrender to Allied forces.
= May 22, 1945: Project Paperclip is born to interview German rocket scientists and deny access to them by the Soviets

= Jun 19, 1945: von Braun surrenders in Garmisch, taken by jeep to Munich
= Jun 20, 1945: U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull approves transfer of von Braun and his specialists to America
= Aug 6, 1945: Hiroshima: Manhattan Project’s atomic bomb is dropped.

= Aug 9, 1945: Second bomb is dropped after Japanese delay surrender.
= Sep 2, 1945: Japan surrenders, w/one term: emperor must retain throne.
= Sep 20, 1945: von Braun and first seven specialists arrive in America, transferred to Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland to sort out the Peenemünde documents.

= Jan 1946: President Harry S. Truman establishes the Central Intelligence Group (disestablished twenty months later)
= Apr 16, 1946: (White Sands, NM) first V2 rocket launch in USA.
? Nov 27, 1946: General Groves, dir of Manhattan Project, recommends compartmentalization: bring in foreign scientists, make them citizens, but keep them from “coming in contact with our atomic energy program in any way.”

? Dec 1946: German Scientists come to US to continue work under Project Paperclip.
? Dec 2, 1946: Admirals Nimitz, Krusen & Byrd (USN) with between 13 and 40 ships and 4,700 men, including a British-Norwegian force and a Russian forces, (and Australian and Canadians?) depart Norfolk, VA for invasion of the Antarctic in Operation Highjump.
= Dec 30, 1946: ( 6:15 a.m. ) Last transmission of George One before it crashes in antarctic.

? 1946-47: U.S. moves German saucers to TX and White Sands Proving Grounds, NM.
?(Mar-May)1947: Walter Horten hears about Northrop flying wing design in US, writes to Northrop for employment.
- Middle of May 1947: First US flying saucer sightings according to memo by General Geo. F. Schulgen

= Jun 24, 1947: In daylight, Kenneth Arnold sees nine unusual objects flying in a chain near Mount Rainier Washington. Sighting by Kenneth Arnold which popularized the term, “Flying Saucer” resembled the Horten wing. Arnold believed he witnessed experimental aircraft and said he saw glass cockpits.

Kenneth Arnold, 1947. Showing what he saw
? Jun 24, 1947: Fred M Johnson sees Kenneth Arnold’s craft from ground with telescope. Compass needle shifts when objects pass over. Reports to military Aug 22, 1947. “they were Round about 30 feet in dimater tapering sharply to a point in the lead end in an oval shape. with a bright top surface. I did not hear any noise as you would from a plane. But there was an object in the tail and looked like a big hand of a clock shifting from side to side like a big magnet. There speed as far as i know seemed to be greater than anything I ever saw.”
? Jun 29, 1947: (Sunday, afternoon * Camp Little, Arizona ) Luis Bazurto and Armando Macias sitting w/ families in their front yard, see about six disks fly in at great speed from the west and disappear toward the northeast. (Nogales Herald, 7/3; Phoenix Gazette, 7/3)

? Jun 29, 1947: (Monday, 11 pm * Tucumcari, NM) Mrs. Helen Hardin reported July 8 seeing flying saucer from her front porch traveling east to west at high speed. It was slightly yellowish, looked about half the size of the full moon. She watched it for about 6 seconds. It was low in the sky and appeared to go down to the ground outside of town. She thought it might be a meteor, but it didn’t fall as fast as meteors, and she also noticed a whirling motion as it neared the ground. (Originally Tucumcari, Daily News, 7/9; reported in Bertlitz & Moore, The Roswell Incident)
? Jul 1, 1947: Sherman Campbell discovers weather balloon and radar target debris on his farm near Circleville, OH.
? Jul 1, 1947: (Tuesday, 9:30 am MST * Pima Indian reservation, just south of Chandler, Arizona) Robert E. Johnson, juvenile probation officer of Chandler county, sees lone silver-colored, discus-shaped object traveling at “great rate of speed”, headed north in a fairly direct way, visible two to three minutes. Estimated height at 5000 to 10,000 ft. (Tucson Daily Citizen, 7/7)

? Jul 1, 1947: (Tuesday, night * Albuqurque, NM) Max Hood, an Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce executive, sees “a disc-like bluish object following a zig-zag path in the northwestern sky” for about half a minute before it disappeared in the vicinity of Volcano Peak. (Albuquerque Journal, 7/2; -Roswell Daily Record, 7/2; Portales Daily News, 7/2; Gallup Independent, 7/2; Santa Fe New Mexican, 7/2)
? July 2, 1947: (Wednesday, 9:50 PM) Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilmot see oval object, “like two inverted saucers faced mouth to mouth,” passing over their house in Roswell. Object, moves at a high speed, heading northwest.
- Jul 2, 1947: Rancher Mac Brazel hears loud crash during night near Corona, New Mexico

- Jul 3, 1947: Mac Brazel discovers crash debris
- Jul 3, 1947: (Thursday) At the White Sands Proving Ground, attempted launch of a V-2 rocket fails, never getting off the pad. Several injured in spray of acid.
- Jul 5, 1947: Following the rain the night before, Brazel inspects the pastures surrounding the ranch house. Riding with him is the young son of the Proctors, William D. Proctor. During the inspection, Brazel discovers a debris field 300 hundred yards wide (3 football fields) and 3/4 of a mile long. Scattered on the slopes and into the sinkhole and depressions are metal, plasticlike beams, pieces of lightweight material, foil, and string. The debris is thick enough that the sheep refuse to cross the field and are driven around it to water more than a mile away. Brazel picks up a sackful of the “stuff.”
- Jul 5, 1947: (Saturday) Morning – Brazel hauls and store some larger pieces of wreckage in a cattle shed.

- Jul 5, 1947: (Saturday) Afternoon – Brazel visits neighbors, the Lyman Stricklands, and shows them piece of wreckage to get their opinion as to what it might be.
- July 5, 1947: (Saturday, 1:15 or 1:30 pm) Glenn Dennis, mortician at Ballard Funeral Home in Roswell, which had a contract to provide mortuary services for the Roswell Army Air Field, receives a call from the base mortuary officer, who asks about smallest size hermetically sealed caskets in stock.
- Jul 5, 1947: (Saturday) Evening – Brazel visits Wade’s Bar in Corona, where he passes around a piece of the wreckage. A relative of his advises: take it to airbase in Roswell.

- Jul 6, 1947: (Sunday, Noon) – Brazel arrives at the Chaves County Sheriff’s Office in downtown Roswell,tells Sheriff George Wilcox about his find, shows sheriff pieces of debris. Sheriff calls Roswell Army Air Field, connected with 509th Bomb Group’s Intelligence Officer, Jesse A. Marcel, at Officer’s Club eating lunch. Marcel promises to come to Sheriff’s Office after lunch.
- Jul 6, 1947: (Sunday, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM )- Marcel arrives at Sheriff’s office downtown Roswell, interviews Brazel, examines two boxes of wreckage
- Jul 6, 1947: (Sunday, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM) – Blanchard orders Marcel to follow Brazel to site and take whatever Marcel needs. Marcel locates and takes CIC Capt. Sheridan Cavitt. Cavitt secures and drives a Jeep Carry-all, while Marcel follows Brazel’s pickup truck in his own ’42 Buick convertible. Blanchard alerts his next-higher-command of the find.
- Jul 6, 1947: (Later Afternoon) – SAC Command orders Blanchard to send box of wreckage Marcel has brought to Wash, D.C. by special courier via bomber/transport [via Ft. Worth Army Air Field] at once. Other box of wreckage still at the Sheriff’s Office.

- July 7, 1947: (Monday, 2 AM) – a special flight leaves for Andrews AAF in Washington, D.C. Some of the debris and the bodies are on that flight. (Ref. 1)
- Jul 7, 1947: (Monday, Early Morning) Marcel, in the Jeep Carry-all, and Cavitt and Brazel, on horseback, arrive at the Hines Pasture debris site.
- Jul 7, 1947: (Monday, Morning) Sheriff Wilcox notifies the RAAF, then drives to the crash site, arrives same time as fire engine.

- Jul 7, 1947: (Monday, 4:50 pm * Tucson, Arizona ) Three patients at Veterans Hospital see flying saucer. Lewis Zesper, former Army pilot, describes as oval shaped, about 25 feet in diameter, light metallic gray in color and wobbly in flight. Estimates altitude at 4000 ft and speed in excess of conventional jet plane. {Flagstaff Arizona Daily Sun, 7/8; Prescott Evening Courier, 7/8; Phoenix Gazette, 7/8 }
- Jul 7, 1947: (Monday, 6:00 pm * Tucumcari, N.M.) Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Lawrence see “something” rather flat and round like a reflection of a mirror not traveling at a terrific rate of speed, but hard to tell, moving west.
- Jul 7, 1947: (Monday, 8:45 pm * El Paso, Texas) unidentified woman sees something more grayish in color than silver going south to north across sky. {El Paso Times, 7/8}

- Jul 7, 1947: (Monday, shortly before 9:00 pm * El Paso, Texas) Four residents from two different parts of the city independently report seeing flying discs. Mrs. Walter Turner and her husband first saw a bright shiny light over Mt. Franklin that “zipped along” and disappeared in the east. She heard no noise. It was unlike anything she had seen before. At the same time, David Hunt and John Jordan see “four round, flat, saucer-shaped objects shooting across the sky west and south over Mt. Franklin.” They appeared to be about 15 feet in diameter and about a thousand feet above the mountain. They glowed and disappeared in about 20 seconds. Hunt was sure he hadn’t seen a searchlight or airway beacon beam. (El Paso Herald-Express, 7/8 )
- Jul 7, 1947: (Monday, dusk.Phoenix, Arizona, ) William A Rhodes took 2 (or maybe 3) photos of a heel-shaped object w/concave trailing edge circling and banking north of town above his home. Photos also showed a white spot near center of the object. It initially approached from west and Rhodes heard “whooshing” sound. However, during its three clockwise circuits above him, Rhodes said he heard no sound. It then sped off to the southwest at a phenomenal speed, again making no sound. Rhodes said he saw twin vapor trails from the two points at the tips of the concave trailing edge. (Phoenix Arizona Republic, 7/9; San Diego (CA) Union, 7/9; Los Angeles Herald-Express, 7/9) [incident extensively investigated by military intelligence. All prints confiscated. Rhodes turned over negatives to FBI agent and an Army counterintelligence agent a few weeks later.

William Rhodes Photos, Phoenix, AZ, July 7, 1947
- Jul 8, 1947: (Monday, noon) Colonel Blanchard at Roswell AAF ordered Second Lieutenant Walter Haut to issue a press release telling the country that the Army had found the remains of a crashed a flying saucer. Haut was the public information officer for the 509th Bomb Group at Roswell AAF. Haut delivered the press release to Frank Joyce at radio station KGFL. Joyce waited long enough for Haut to return to the base, then called Haut there to confirm the story. Joyce then sent the story on the Western Union wire to the United Press bureau.
- Jul 8, 1947: (Monday, 2:26 PM) Story out on the AP wire announces: "The army air forces here today announced a flying disc had been found." (Ref. 1)
- Jul 8, 1947: (Monday, 4:30 PM CST.) General Roger Ramey, the commander of the Eighth Air Force and Blanchard's supervising officer, presents alternate story: Army recovered a rawin target device suspended by a Neoprene rubber balloon. ("Rawin" is a method of determining wind speed and direction using radar or radio waves to track a balloon carrying either a radar-sensitive target or radio transponder.)

- Jul 8, 1947: Brazel abducted and detained by the U.S. Army Air Forces for four or five days. (another source says Brazel held July 9-12).
- Jul 8, 1947: A second crash site is supposedly found with alien bodies.
- Jul 8, 1947: (Tuesday, 6:17 PM) FBI Dallas teletype says 8th Air Force HQ notified FBI by telephone that an object purporting to be a flying disk was recovered on this date. "Disk was hexagonal in shape and was suspended from a balloon by cable, which balloon was approximately twenty feet in diameter." The disk and balloon were being transported to Wright Field by special plane for examination.
- Jul 9, 1947: (Wednesday) Three Army Air Force veterans reported six flying discs over Catalan Island, California, in 1947 and former aerial photographer Bob Jung said he succeeded in photographing one of the objects. The masts of a steamer can be seen at the bottom of the picture. [Middle of picture cropped out to save space]

- Jul 9, 1947: (Wednesday, Early Morning) The Roswell Morning Dispatch appears, featuring the weather balloon cover story. Most papers in the country carry both versions of the story simultaneously but with the Ramey weather balloon version more prominently featured.
? Aug 1947: FBI memo discusses secret aircraft tests by Airforce in relation to saucers.
= Sep 18, 1947: U.S. Air Force born from Army Air Corps

= Sep 18, 1947: National Security Council and the Central Intelligence Agency established.
- Sep 23, 1947: General N.F. Twinings, writes that phenomenon is something real, approximating the shape of a disc, of such appreciable size as to appear to be as large as man-made aircraft. Exhibit extreme rates of climb, maneuverability (particularly in roll), motion which must be considered evasive when sighted or contacted by friendly air-craft and radar. Considers US high security project or foreign nation with possibly nuclear propulsion.
- Oct 28, 1947: Memo from Brig. General George F. Schulgen, Air Intelligence Requirements Division, outlining “intelligence requirements in the field of Flying Saucer type aircraft.” (National Archives at College Park.) Memo cites interest in Horten “Parabola” as Riemar stated it would have least induced drag. Three or four Horten IX Go-8-229 and the Go-P-60 (night fighter) manufactured by the Gotha Plant now in the hands of the Russians. Russians plan fleet of 1,800 jet propelled Horten VIII models.

- Nov 10, 1947: William E Lahned Jr., Special Agent CIC writes ( for LT COLONEL WALKER) “…the flying saucer, did exist. At the present time, construction models are being built for wind tunnel tests. It is further suspected that the flying objects may have been developed from original plans and experiments conducted by the Germans prior to the capitulation. Headquarters, 970th CIO Detachment, European Command is desirous of locating German Aircraft specialists and test pilots who might have some knowledge of similar aircraft. It is requested you canvass your area for possible identity of aircraft specialists or test pilots known in your area with such knowledge. This canvass is to be made discreetly and to conceal our interest in the subject. If any are located, a copy of the Air Materiel Command report with specific EEI’s will be forwarded to permit further interrogation and test of knowledge.
- Dec 16, 1947: Secret report from U.S. Army Intelligence HQ, Berlin, details the interrogation of the Horten brothers and their responses to questions about “flying saucer”-type aircraft being based on their designs. Hortens would not have contacted Soviets, but “possible and likely that … others having knowledge of the Horten IX” did. (Document via FOIA request to the US Army Intelligence Command (INSCOM).)

= Jan 7, 1948: Kentucky Air National Guard fighter pilot, Captain Thomas F. Mantell, crashes F-51 fighter near Franklin, Kentucky while chasing a large object claimed to be a flying saucer. Multiple witnesses to the object include commanding officer at Godman Army Air Field, Col. Guy F. Hix
= Jun 20, 1949: Central Intelligence Agency Act, passes Agency no longer has to disclose “organization, functions, names, Officials, titles, salaries, or numbers of personnel employed.”
= Nov 1952: National Security Agency created

= Aug 25, 1953: J. C. M. Frost patents gas turbine engined aircraft resembling the William Rhodes Photos of July 1947.
= July 1955: Area 51 secret base ready for use. CIA set up a fake company – “CLJ “-to administer the sub-contractors who were hired to construct the base. Initially a mile long runway, hangars, a concrete ramp, a control tower and mess hall were constructed and although described as Watertown Strip officially, the base became known as “Paradise Ranch” or simply “The Ranch” by air crews.

= Jul 24, 1955: First U-2 prototype “Aquatone” flown (dismantled on a transport plane) out to Groom Lake, Area 51, “the Ranch”. It was administered by the CIA and Lockheed. Was not an Air Force base
? 1955: Admiral Richard E. Byrd nominally in charge of Operation Deep Freeze to Antarctica

= Jul 29, 1958: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is established by the National Aeronautics and Space Act as an agency of the United States government, responsible for the nation’s public space program.

o Sep 19, 1961: Betty and Barney Hill, American married couple claim to see flying saucer with occupants and to be abducted by them while driving on U.S. Route 3
June 10, 1964: As reported by telegraph on Nov 15, 2008: “This picture was taken somewhere in the United States on June 10, 1964, and was discovered in an attic some years later.”

= Dec 9, 1965: ( 3:18 A.M.) Soviet Venus probe Kosmos 96, reenters in Canada

= Dec 9, 1965: ( 4:47 P.M.) The Kecksburg, PA UFO Crash Incident
= 1968: 55-Nitinol, a nickel-titanium alloy that is a superelastic, nonmagnetic, noncorroding memory metal can be crumpled and will return to its original shape.

= Jul 16, 1969: Launch of Apollo 11 – first manned mission to land on the Moon
= Aug 1, 2006: Lightweight Nitinol armor with repeat hit and high energy absorption capabilities patented.
Ref. 1 – The Truth About Roswell – Randle, Schmitt