Thursday, April 16, 2009

China: Amazing Cold War UFO secrets released by Govt media

Michael Cohen

Just as some of the mystery of America’s Area 51 is lifted another less known UFO related military facility in another part of the world is beginning to capture the imaginations of ufologists.

Xinhua, the Chinese government owned news agency, has just published a dramatic article that has been republished throughout China and is creating shockwaves amongst UFO researchers in the entire region. The article claims that Xinhua received information during the Cold War from Russian military sources regarding UFOs and alien bodies being kept in Russia’s top secret rocket launch and development site: Kapustin Yar in the Astrakhan region.

Kapustin Yar, often referred to as Russia’s Roswell is reasonably well known in the West. UFO sightings are a common occurrence in the area. UFO researchers have long heard rumours of retrieved UFOs and alien bodies stored in vast underground facilities said to exist beneath the grounds of the facility.

According to the Xinhua article, on 19th June 1948 in the evening, military radars at Kapustin Yar picked up anomalous objects travelling in the airspace in the vicinity and sent out a warplane to track the objects. The pilot claimed to see a huge silver cigar shaped object that was too bright to look at directly. The pilot was ordered to shoot down the object and did so after a protracted dogfight. The wreckage was then transferred to the Kapustin Yar underground storage facility and examined. Alien bodies were found in the damaged craft and these are said to still be hidden somewhere in the bowels of the facility.

Other high profile UFO incidents involving the military are said to also have occurred in the vicinity.

The Xinhua article notes the world is just beginning to wake up to the magnitude of the secrets that Kapustin Yar holds. Will its secrets be the ‘smoking gun’ that will force mankind to accept an alien presence on earth as a fact of life?

Source: China News

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