Sunday, April 5, 2009

Russians cure cancer with small version of Large Hadron Collider?

See full size imageUp to 2,000 cancer patients can be cured annually by a hadron collider-based device developed by Russian researchers, spokesman for a Russian nuclear physics study center has said.

The treatment process involves focusing the flow of protons, accelerated to the speed of light, into a hair-thin ray, and directing it at the tumor, deputy head of the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Russian Sciences Academy, Yevgeny Levichev, told website on Thursday.

The elementary particles will only destroy cancer cells, without harming the healthy ones, he said. Researchers also call the device an "ionic scalpel".

"The accelerator we are currently building is similar to the Large Hadron Collider they have in Switzerland," Levichev said.

"The only difference is the size - the large collider is 30 km long, while our device is only 800 meters in circumference. Still, this is the same accelerating machine with elementary particles moving in an orbit."

The Siberian hadron collider could mean a break-through in cancer treatment, since it's the first device which may avoid the harm that radiotherapy does to the healthy parts of the patient's body.

via Signs of the Times News for Sun, 05 Apr 2009.

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Carol said...

This cure for cancer is in line with the cause of cancer, too - artificial electromagnetic and microwave/radiowave radiation - from things like power lines, cell phone and wifi towers and antennas, and the like. Please google the Bioinitiative Report and the Becker Interview.