Friday, April 3, 2009

Strange Exits: Skeleton found in tree 29 years after suicide

The skeleton of the 69-year-old was discovered 11 metres above ground level with a gun next to it. He had vanished in the summer of 1980 but thick branches and leaves had obscured his body. The man was only found after parts of the skeleton began to detach and fall to the ground. Bones were discovered by a man walking his dog in the forest. "It looks as if he meant to never be found again " said a police spokesman in Landshut north-east of Munich the town where Heinrich Himmler grew up.

via Skeleton found in tree 29 years after suicide - Telegraph.

What percentage of people who do this are never found? How many people go missing each year? Ghost trees are calling people... getting into their heads ... planting suggestions... the forests are fighting back.

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