Sunday, April 5, 2009

UFOs and Nukes: Close call at US base.

Over at the HeraldTribune Billy Cox has an interesting article which says UFOs continue to mess with our nukes. This goes all the way back to Roswell, NM.  Roswell Army Air Force Base was the only place on Earth with an Atomic bomb at the time of the famous Roswell UFO crash. Read more on this topic at This week, on the Internet radio operation Paracast, two more Air Force veterans once assigned to America’s ICBM silos joined Hastings to discuss how UFOs probed and disabled our weapons of mass destruction during the Cold War. Bruce Fenstermacher, former crew commander at F.E. Warren AFB, and Patrick McDonough, head of a field survey team with the 1381st Geodetic Survey Squadron at Malmstrom AFB in 1966, are just the latest eyewitnesses who’ve approached Hastings and established their bona fides with DD-214 military discharge papers.

Since conducting his first interviews with missile-base operatives in the 1970s, Hastings says 115 have gone on the record with what they saw. At the time he discussed the results in his 2006 book “UFOs and Nukes” during an appearance on Larry King Live last summer, Hastings says he had 90 witnesses in the database. Obviously that number has spiked. He says Fenstermacher and McDonough decided to speak up following the audacious UFO incident over Stephenville, Tex., in 2008.

“I think it’s significant that not one person I’ve ever talked to has ever reported being leaned on to shut up — not one,” Hastings says from his home in Albuquerque, N.M. “I suspect it’s because the Pentagon knows if they try to muscle these guys, they’ll go to the media.”

But predicting how the MSM would respond in that event is a crap shoot. The latest witnesses merely reinforce a long established pattern of UFO surveillance — and, in some cases, the outright lockdown -- of America’s nuclear arsenal. FOIA-recovered documents detailing bold and persistent UFO incursions over Strategic Air Command bases along the northern U.S. frontier in 1975 have been in the public domain for decades. But press coverage has been restrained and spotty.

The most chilling incident in Hastings’ files didn’t surface until 2007. That’s when David H. Schuur, formerly with the 455th/91st Strategic Missile Wing at Minot AFB, recounted what happened at the Minuteman bunkers during either the summer of 1966 or ‘67, back when he was a first lieutenant working alert duty at a silo named Echo Capsule. Each silo housed 10 nukes apiece.

Sometime after midnight, easternmost Alpha Capsule reported a brightly lit UFO hovering in the no-fly zone overhead, and the console board operators were receiving “spurious indicaters” on each missile panel, as if each was being scanned individually. For the next hour or so, the object repeated the pattern in geographical sequence, concluding with Oscar Capsule before taking off.

When the UFO buzzed Echo Capsule, Schuur says seven or eight missiles began registering “spurious indicators.” Then a “Launch in Progress” switch got tripped, forcing operators to manually override with an “Inhibit” command. When the UFO passed, all systems returned to normal. ...

via Close call at SAC base | | Sarasota Florida | Southwest Florida's Information Leader.

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