Tuesday, April 21, 2009

'Weird wind event' traps men under a golf cart

Police said two men were injured after they became trapped under a golf car at a country club in suburban New York when their vehicle flipped over during a "weird little wind event."

Police say strong winds were to blame for the mishap at the Beekman Country club in East Fishkill, about 66 miles north of Manhattan. Both men suffered head injuries and abrasions, but refused treatment.

Police Sgt. Kevin Keefe says the two golfers and witnesses reported seeing a funnel cloud. He says, "What we had was a weird little wind event."

National Weather Service meteorologist Joe Villani said the dry, sunny conditions could have led to the formation of a "dust devil." He said they can have "enough velocity to move things."

The golfers continued their game.

via 'Weird wind event' traps men under a golf cart.

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