Monday, November 22, 2010

Half-Headed Man Takes World's Most Bizarre Mugshot

Half-Headed Man Takes World's Most Bizarre MugshotHalf-Headed Man Takes World's Most Bizarre Mugshot

There's clearly something off with this man's skull. As the profile shot reveals, it's that he's missing most of it. Our friend here was arrested in Miami earlier this month for soliciting a prostitute. The Miami New Times swears the photos were not altered in any way, and his mugshot from a separate arrest a month ago pretty much confirms that. From the police report for his November arrest, there was a box to be filled out labeled "unique physical features." One wonders how long they deliberated before writing in "Half a Head."

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Here are mugshots from another arrest this year. No, we don't know how he's still alive. ... The poor guy has been arrested quite alot during his 25 years for disorderly intoxication, solicitation of a prostitute, possession of weed, and burglary. But really-- can you blame him for any of that?

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What could be done for this individual with some reconstructive surgery to better protect his brain and reduce the gawking he must endure? How much would the operation cost? I'd help him out. I think others would as well.

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Ann said...

Oh, Xeno, people get excited by the strangest things. The links don't say, but this guy probably endured a serious trauma when he was younger. If it happened at a military enlisting age, it would probably be entirely different story. The brain has an incredible ability of working through injuries among the young. But, the guy in the story may have been left handicapped in the sense of his anti-social behavior. The frontal lobes work on that aspect of our behavior. The media is really stretching for stories, which apparently the police were willing to provide - all for our gawking entertainment. Sad.