Friday, September 9, 2005

“Cash Reward for a Live Chupacabra”

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Around Aug 16, 2005, another "Cupacabra" was shot and killed. I hate to see a unique animal killed. Ranchers, I'll personally give rewardyou a $50 reward (and growing) if you catch one alive and let me come and pick it up and take it to a vet instead of killing it! No coyotes with mange, shaved dogs or other tricks please. Animal must match creature in photo (or be some other large as yet unclassified land animal).

The "coyote with mange" theory seems far fetched to me. I'd like to find out for sure. As far as I know Coyotes don't have tails that long.

Also, Reginald reported it had a woolly coating, instead of hair. "The animal's hide felt like wool." (earthfiles interview). It seems to be a large as yet unclassified land mammal.

See our Chupacabra article about a multiple eye-witness sighting in California.

"In Coleman, a city of 5,100 or so people 52 miles south of Abilene Reginald Lagow, 89. Lagow and neighbor Carole Burroughs lost about 30 chickens total. The creature was quick. Burroughs, 71, never saw it alive, even though it hunted during the day. Lagow tried to catch it in traps, but the animal was too smart, he said. Lagow saw it catch one of the last of his chickens, but it scampered away before he could get close. He said it had rusty-colored hair and it looked unlike anything he had ever seen. Finally, a neighbor's dog cornered the creature in a chicken coop and the man shot it. Lagow snapped pictures of the animal's body."


"Since Memorial Day 2004, three strange creatures that look alike have been killed on Texas farms in Elmendorf near San Antonio; Pollok near Lufkin; and Coleman southeast of Abilene."


Does the Save a Chupacabra reward idea sound fun?

Want to kick in a dollar or two?

If you'd like to add to the Live Chupacabra reward, please donate and specify "Chupacabra Reward".


Kari said...

This "Chupacabra" looks like an escaped pet Wallabee to me....Why do people have to kill everything?!

Brook said...

That's not a "Chupacabra". That is a coyote with bad mange. Why do people kill everything?

travis said...

Haha. Yes that is infact a yote with mange. And why do people kill everything? Why do you care. They did that coyote a favor by killing it.

Dark Warrior said...

This is NOT a chupacabra. Cash reward eh? Get your cash ready. How much would you be willing to give me for a live reptilian alien? my starting bid is $45,000,000 each. For the dead ones, you can have them for free provided i get to keep one and get it stuffed and mounted for the rest of my collection.

The chupacabra stands three to five feet tall, is hairy, has red eyes or sometimes black eyes, has spikes down its back, three toes on the feet, three fingers on the short hands, and is very fast.

I cannot get you a live one becuase I cannot get one out of Puerto Rico when i catch it. will a live alien do? I can get those in Arizona, utah, South carolina, and other places.

Xeno said...

I would not pay for the capture of anything unless it would be better off in captivity, and with aliens, I can't believe they would be. As far as proof, I would like about ten uninterrupted minutes of well-lit non-blurry video showing movement and both closeups and entire body, preferably filmed by more than one camera at the same time from different angles.