Thursday, November 20, 2008

Army Veteran Takes Cover While V-shape Craft Passes Overhead!


"I live in Xxxx Xxxxxxx Virginia, I am a 33 year old Army Veteran and in 9 yrs of Army service I have seen some crazy stuff, but this takes the cake!

It was on 7 Nov 08 at about 8:00PM, I just left a friends from down the road to pick up some things from my house, I looked behind my property and above the pines I noticed a light that seemed like a plane with its fog light on or something. I waited to see it pass over because it just seemed weird to me, I have never seen one shine like this, at first I thought it was a star? as it came over I got down beside my truck and hid, I only freaked out because my dog went under the porch and he is not bothered by much!! it was the shape of a triangle and had these weird lights that almost seemed like a floresant light that was kinda blue and square lights in the back. I was pretty dam scared because I kept telling myself "any moment I will hear the engines from the jet motors after it passes over" I swear it never made a sound as it passed over! I mean I could have spit on it it was so close, whats so funny is that the next day I could'nt remember details about the craft so I thought about it and went inside and drew a picture of it on my computer, My wife thinks Im crazy but I cant help what I saw! anyways thanks for hearing me out!! - ufochronicles

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nick said...

i saw the same UFO in chicago, IL i swear on my life!

Xeno said...

What was the exact time and location? Anyone see it with you? Did you write anything down or tell anyone right after it happened? How did your sighting start and end? How did the object seem to move? What details did you notice about it? How high off of the horizon did it seem to be? With your arm extended all the way out, how big would the object seem to be between your fingers? Did it look exactly like the illustration above? If not, can you draw it and upload a picture of your drawing for us?