Friday, November 27, 2009

Mystery surrounds photograph found in bank

Image related to story 394526, see caption or article textSHE looks like a Force's Sweetheart. But someone on the Home Front is missing her.

This photograph of a rather distinguished lady dressed in what appears to be a British naval uniform, and which is believed to date back to World War Two, was found on the floor of a bank in Galashiels.

And now big-hearted staff at Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) in the town's Channel Street, have asked the Border Telegraph to help them reunite it with its owner.

"It's common for people to carry photographs with them in their wallets and it may well be that this has slipped out and no one has noticed," branch manager Mike Godsman explained. "It could be a picture of someone's sweetheart, wife or daughter.

"And, if they have carried it around with them all this time, it obviously means quite a lot to them, so presumably they will be upset at losing it."

The snap was discovered in the reception area at HBOS in Galashiels by bank worker Emma Saunders at the start of November.

Other than the words HMS Drake, which appear on her cap, there are no other markings on the back of the photograph to say who the subject might be or where they might come from - and no-one has posted it missing.

However, it is not the only unusual item customers have left behind at the branch. A DVD, keys, and handbag have all been reunited with their owners in the past year, while a necklace remains unclaimed.

Mr Godsman said: "Given the age of the photograph, it would appear irreplaceable." And he added: "We are trying to find a way of reuniting it with its owner."

Do you know the person in the photograph? Contact our reporter by phone: 01896 758470, or email:

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sciencerules said...

They can put a big photocopy in the branch's window. Whoever owns the photograph will ask about the copy when they next visit the branch.