Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chess addiction

I'm addicted to playing chess on my iPhone. I've played several thousand games now. Once I had a winning streak of 32 games in a row, then something happened and I got stupid. I went chess blind. Now I rarely win, and I get very angry at myself for losing. When I win, well, no big deal. I expect to win. My friend says I need to get over myself. I have too much ego involvement. Probably true, but what is the solution? Find true humility and I won't let the game anger me? Then I won't want to play every chance I get?


Ann said...

Your friend is right. The solution? Relax. Think of and do something else that interests you for a while. Give your ego a brake.

Xeno said...

I agreed to quit chess as long as she quits coffee. We will see who lasts longer. I've deleted the chess app for my iPhone.