Thursday, September 16, 2010

Egyptian newspaper under fire over altered photo

Altered image which ran in Al-Ahram (Courtesy al-Masry al-Youm)

President Mubarak leads the way in the altered al-Ahram image

Original White House image, 1 September

The original image from the White House, taken on 1 September

Egypt's state-run newspaper has come under fire for altering a photograph to suggest President Hosni Mubarak was leading the Middle East peace talks.

Al-Ahram showed Mr Mubarak walking on a red carpet ahead of US President Barack Obama as well as the Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian leaders.

The original image, taken at the White House when talks were formally re-launched, shows Mr Obama leading the way and Mr Mubarak trailing behind.

Talks resumed in Egypt on Tuesday.

The manipulated photograph ran above an article on page six of al-Ahram's Tuesday edition, entitled The Way to Sharm el-Sheikh.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US peace envoy George Mitchell travelled to the Egyptian Red Sea resort to mediate the discussions, which were hosted by President Mubarak. ...

via BBC News - Egyptian newspaper under fire over altered photo.

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