Friday, September 3, 2010

How Billy Meier hoaxed his UFO videos

It's only a model.


Cole said...


Robert Myrland said...

Billy Meier material is genuine and the reason I know so is due to the fakts I remember from past lifes as a starman. U realy need to think twice times one million on this chase before u just put it under the carpet. Solid proof in so many ways yet no one believe it. What would it take for believe it now a days? More videos? In a time where u can fake just any video u want, but when billy meier filmed and take photos as early as in 1950 there was no computers and no photoshop. People fake judge this material not cuz it is Bullshit but because it is a truth that they cant understand. Anyone that think that this material is fake, are avtualy saying so cuz theyr own perspective of it is cant believe it, not possible, etc. Just cuz "no one" understands it dont mean that it is not real. As you grow in visdom u will know that the billy meyer material is as genuine as your own [genitailia].

Ann said...

I'm not saying one needs to agree with everything Billy Meier says, but it may be ok to listen to what he has to say:

Here's a site where you can read up on the latest on Billy Meier, by one of his strongest advocates, Tom Horn:

The Billy Meier UFO Contacts
The Most Important Story In All Of Human History