Monday, September 6, 2010

'Magic mushrooms' ingredient beneficial to cancer patients, report says

Researchers find psilocybin improved the anxiety and depression of terminal cancer patients for up to six months.

The study is considered a first step in restoring the hallucinogen's respectability.The psychedelic drug psilocybin, the active ingredient in "magic mushrooms," can improve mood and reduce anxiety and depression in terminal cancer patients, Los Angeles researchers reported Monday.

A single modest dose of the hallucinogen, whose reputation was severely tarnished by widespread nonmedical use in the psychedelic '60s and ethical lapses by researchers such as Timothy Leary, can improve patients' functioning for as long as six months, allowing them to spend their last days with more peace, researchers said.

The research was a pilot study involving only 12 patients, but it is viewed as a first step in restoring the drug to respectability.

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Mirlen101 said...

Nothing about pain prevention yet ;-/ It also makes movies like Avatar , Alice in Wonderland 3D seem much better ;-)

sbillinghurst said...

Just Google 'Trilogy' by Varian. You will eventually find that a LINAC, producing X-rays, is the therapy. You are talking gamma, so, I guess you are thinking of getting cancer in about 1938. The X-rays match the gamma rays for energy if you just turn up the knob; they do some number (you can eventually find, I don't care) in possibility Joules per square decimeter. Like I say, I don't know and I do not care. The dose will approach 50 gray in part of the patient, where 20-30 gray to the whole body is lethal. BTW, doctors give out recommendations for medical marijuana, but they are better at humanitarianism and dissent than they are at things like face transplants. Despite all the hullaballoo about machinery, doctors never recommend that you die. They will write Rxs and sign death certs, but they won't give you a rec that you die.

"Son, sorry but you gonna die."
"Is that a rec? I want it on paper."

Or, Mr. Varian Aerograph. Maybe they know. It would be similar to the due diligence in the Bernie Madoff case:

"It says 'Independent Auditors' on the front of your brochure, so we thought it was an independent audit, a clean audit."

I mean, companies need slight feedback, or they want to call it a 'gamma knife', see? Oh, radiation cuts (and Mama's poodle bites and chews), but they had to rename it a Cyberknife, since they have real class.

I doubt Flt. 93 had demands, for the simple reason that whatever is said is twisted to suit the aims of the Americans. The message is in the date: 9-1-1. That's American code for an emergency. The only cleanup/save here is that no longer can a willful fighter take radioactive material from a discarded machine and blow it up over LA(unless you go to a junkyard in Mexico). It's worth it just for that, and, they screen for radiation at the border, too.

I mean, sure, radiodecay doesn't affected by temperature, but at ten million degrees it has to.