Friday, September 17, 2010

'Star Trek' Inspires Cremation Urns

Star Trek funeral urnThis certainly gives new meaning to the phrase "the final frontier."

"Star Trek" fans worldwide -- and there are millions of passionate "trekkers" out there -- now have a chance to boldly go into the afterlife by purchasing a new line of "Star Trek" cremation urns for themselves or their loved ones.

Eternal Image, a manufacturer of brand-name memorial products, has created two cube-shaped, "Trek"-themed urns with separate themes: "To Boldly Go" and "The Voyage Continues."Not that your remains will end up in outer space, like the ashes of the late "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry and "Trek" actor James "Scotty" Doohan, which were launched into space.

Eternal Image CEO and President Clint Mytych told AOL News why his company came up with a "Star Trek" design. "We hope that it makes the process of picking out funeral products a little bit easier -- it's already a painful process to go through," he said. "Nothing seems to come close to 'Star Trek' in terms of staying power and worldwide appeal."

The urns are made of a composite of minerals and metals, and, according to Mytych, "the box itself actually has white speckles in it, and it kind of resembles a star field."

via 'Star Trek' Inspires Cremation Urns.


Cheng said...

Won't real trekkies be put off by it's Borgesque shape?

Xeno said...

You were assimilated ... into the cube.

Cheng said...

Existence is futile.

anuj64 said...

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