Tuesday, September 14, 2010

UFO shuts down another airport in China: UFO witnessed in Baotou, Inner Mongolia

Thanks to Ann for pointing this out.
Workers at the Hohhot Air Traffic Management Bureau observed with instruments an unidentified flying object (UFO) 40 kilometers east of Baotou, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region at 8 p.m. on Sept. 11.

"The airport received a notice from the Hohhot Air Traffic Management Bureau about the appearance of an UFO. To guarantee security, the aircraft heading for the airport had to land at secondary airports. Otherwise, it may have led to collisions," said Ms. Luo, from the Baotou Airport.

Around 9:14 p.m., three flights from Beijing and Shanghai to Baotou were delayed, and the aircraft were forced to circle in the air while waiting to land.

Furthermore, the Air China Flight 1107 from Beijing to Baotou landed at the Erdos Airport and the Juneyao Airlines Flight 1137 from Shanghai to Baotou landed at the Taiyuan Airport.

The Baotou Airport did not receive a notice on resuming normal operations until 10 p.m.

via UFO witnessed in Baotou, Inner Mongolia - People's Daily Online.

THE appearance of an unidentified flying object had forced an airport in Baotou in Inner Mongolia to delay the landing of three planes by nearly an hour on Saturday night.
The UFO, the third reported in China so far this year, was seen hovering about four kilometers east of the Baotou airport at 8pm, the online news portal Dbw.cn reported today.

Airport officials immediately called off the landing of three flights from Shanghai and Beijing at 9:14pm out of safety concerns. Another two planes were ordered to land in neighboring Ordos Airport and Taiyuan Airport.

The airport operation went back to normal by 10pm, the report said. But officials gave no further details about the object.

Source: shanghaidaily


Robert Myrland said...

Hehe! So cool they finnaly have started the get realy noted "sequence".

I know galactic federation of light is following earth news media...

And it must be realy funny work some of what they do! I think I would LOL too much about the reactions they can observe from their crafts sometimes.

You all are doing a good job and keep it comming, time is soon there and I know u are doing all to correct times and slowly waking the planet and awareness of alien existence.

I miss my home to much and I miss my past life wife and dougther so much and I know both of you are alive, working onboard galactic federation of ligth. Dont let it be to long to lett me se u all agen.

Love from Ato:)

(my past life name)

Loquai Adamane said...

Just a routine drug pick-up and drop-off. This is only a small concern. Go ahead and report it, one way ticket to funny farm.