Thursday, July 17, 2008

4 Cleared in Madrid Train Bombing

A Spanish court overturned the convictions of four men and upheld the acquittal of a fifth on Thursday in the convoluted legal proceedings relating to the 2004 Madrid commuter train bombings that killed 191 people in the deadliest attacks by Islamic militants on European soil. The rulings followed appeals of some of the 21 convictions by a lower court after a five-month trial that ended in October. Seven other people were acquitted at that time. The court on Thursday upheld the acquittal of one of the men suspected of being an architect of the bombing, Rabei Osman, an Egyptian, who was found guilty in 2006 in Italy of belonging to a terrorist organization. Mr. Osman was arrested in Italy in June 2004, but he disputed prosecution evidence citing wiretaps in which he purportedly said he had conceived the idea of the attacks. - nytimes

What is annoying to me about these sorts of articles is that they never lay out all the evidence clearly.

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