Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pensioner accidentally torches neighbour's garden while killing weeds with blowtorch

A RETIRED scientist accidentally incinerated his neighbours' front garden as he used a mini-blowtorch to kill weeds. Robert Gailey watched in horror as sparks from his "Weed Wand" set fire to next door's lawn and shrubbery. Robert, 79, had been using the device, a £20 handheld blowtorch, to treat the drive of his semi-detached home in Paisley. But his gardening turned to disaster as flames took hold on the property belonging to Stuart and Phyliss McLean. Within seconds their lawn and trees had been set alight, prompting Robert's wife to call the Fire Brigade.  - dailyrecord

A flaming weed wand? What's next, weed hand grenades?

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