Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Atheist soldier sues Army for 'unconstitutional' discrimination

Like many Christians, he said grace before dinner and read the Bible before bed. Four years ago when he was deployed to Iraq, he packed his Bible so he would feel closer to God. He served two tours of duty in Iraq and has a near perfect record. But somewhere between the tours, something changed. Hall, now 23, said he no longer believes in God, fate, luck or anything supernatural.

Hall said he met some atheists who suggested he read the Bible again. After doing so, he said he had so many unanswered questions that he decided to become an atheist.

His sudden lack of faith, he said, cost him his military career and put his life at risk. Hall said his life was threatened by other troops and the military assigned a full-time bodyguard to protect him out of fear for his safety. .. He also said he missed out on promotions because he is an atheist.

"I was told because I can't put my personal beliefs aside and pray with troops I wouldn't make a good leader," Hall said....- cnn


Ann said...

It's kind'a cool that he questions his faith - it's not, of course, good that his life is threatened. We must not blindly follow a belief, faith or religion or whatever. (There's enough cattle among us.)

When I attended a Jesuit College years ago, I took a "World Religions" class taught by Fr. Buddha (Ha! that we called him, behind his back. He was actually a very nice man.)

The very last day of class, he asked, us, his students, which religion you like the best? What a wonderful man, I thought. Here is a man, who dedicated his life to the Catholic priesthood, who was willing to recognize from his exalted position as priest/scholar/teacher students' freedom of choice.

But, only two students out of approximately 30 or 40 answered. One said he like Islam and I said I liked Taoism. He, then, told us that it was our duty, in front of the eyes of God to ourselves, to pursue that religion.

God, I loved that man!

Forumer said...

For me, Islam gimme strength to live and peace in mind. Close to the creator of all creatures is the best thing i feel in this world (far more better than we close to the king or president as we cannot imagine). May Allah give His guidance to us and show His mercy. Peace and justice for all :)