Monday, July 14, 2008

Blackbird that can mimic the sound of ambulance's siren makes family's life hell

His fellow blackbirds warble and twitter when they're trying to attract a mate.

But this fellow has a rather different seduction technique.

He can ring like a mobile phone, peal like a car alarm, wolf-whistle and every morning as the sun rises he lets out a wail that sounds exactly like an ambulance siren.

Experts are highly impressed with his talents, as blackbirds are not known as the greatest imitators.

They believe he is trying to attract a lady friend using the sounds he hears every day.

But the family who have to listen to the racket  -  the Talbots  -  are not quite so enthusiastic.

Alison Talbot, a sales assistant, says she has been woken up at 5am every day by the bird since it arrived in April.

She said: 'It's only a tiny bird but the sound is so incredibly loud, there is no drowning it out.

'It is so realistic, the first time I heard it, I thought it was a real ambulance.' - continued on dailymail