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How I avoided two painful and expensive dental procedures

When it comes to your health, don't trust just one expert's view. Consult several. Keep looking until you find the best option.

I was told about a year ago that I needed a deep cleaning which would involve two dental visits and 11 shots to get me numb each time. I broke a tooth below the gum line and on the part that came out, I could see tartar (aka calculus), hard rough spots of different colored "stuff" clinging to my broken tooth.

Meanwhile, I got sick for about a month and I had swollen glands in my neck. From these symptoms, I believed I had an infection due to build up below the gum line. This is very common in adults after a certain age.

On a whim, I googled the phrase "dissolve tartar". To my pleasant surprise, I found a solution to avoid a deep cleaning: Periogen! No tartar = no gum disease = no need for a deep cleaning.

Today, after a month of Periogen use and a few weeks of CoQ10 use, I finally had my exam--along with an ordinary dental cleaning.

RESULTS: I was told by the hygienist today that my gums look very healthy. He only found one small spot with any plaque, and said that I am very far from needing the "root scaling and planing" procedure, also known as a deep cleaning. My pocket depths were all 2's and 3's with two 4 millimeter readings back near where I had my wisdom teeth out.

Note: To avoid bias, I did not tell him that another dentist had recommended a deep cleaning until after I had the results.

Either Periogen did remove the tartar as it claims and did fix my gums (the CoQ10 I've been taking for a few weeks may have helped too)  or I previously had a dentist who was recommending a procedure I did not need. (This is the same dentist who told me I had worn down a tooth by flossing too much. I still do not think ordinary floss can damage a tooth with normal flossing, even if you saw back and forth for a minute a day... which I didn't anyway...)

Back to my main point: Hats off to Perigen!! Healthy Gums!! No shots required!!! Not only did I have a good dental check up, but I believe that by removing the breeding grounds for gum disease bacteria, I am also improving my overall general health.

Here is how Periogen dissolves tarter:

Periogen® works by exploiting a weakness discovered by The Periogen Company in the fundamental structure of oral tartar.  Their patent pending composition and process is exclusive and cannot be found in any other gum disease treatment in the world.  All other treatments only address infections below the gum line.  Periogen® however, addresses infection and also dissolves layer after layer of disease-laden tartar with each application.

The number of Periogen® applications necessary to remove all tartar depends directly on the thickness of deposits.  Once tartar is completely removed from teeth below the gum line, natural processes restore gum-tooth connections and close periodontal pockets.  This simple and painless process facilitates complete periodontal recovery without the need for painful, expensive, and often ineffective tartar removal dental office procedures.

Tartar, above and below the gum line, is comprised primarily of calcium phosphate salts, saliva, debris and other minerals.  Visually, the structure of tartar is that of millions of fossilized bacteria bound together in tens of thousands of layers.  Up until now, tartar has been universally understood to be inert - so hard that only mechanical scraping with steel dental instruments could remove it.  Living within this porous material are fresh bacteria that ferment infection after infection.  This tartar-bacteria connection is the true nature of periodontal disease.

Periogen® does not dissolve the hardened tartar directly, but acts to dissolve the binding agents – the “cement” which holds fossilized bacteria and debris together.  Microscopic study of Periogen® in action shows that thousands of individual fossilized bacteria disconnect and float free from cemented-together tartar “communities” with each application.  Each application is as effective as the last, until tartar is dissolved into its most fundamental microscopic components.

All the while during this innovative, alternative treatment, new bacteria simply have no place to live – so infections disperse and do not return - completely naturally - without the use of powerful anti-bacterial agents.  In fact, Periogen® users can expect relief from the pain, bleeding and soreness of periodontal disease within the first few days of use.

Once periodontal pockets close to within 3 millimeters or so in depth, normal brushing and irrigating (or flossing) can maintain your newly restored dental health.  As an option, patients may continue to irrigate with Periogen® over the long-term to prevent tartar from accumulating above and below the gum line.  It has been reported that during such maintenance periods including Periogen,® routine dental visits are tartar-free and “most enjoyable.”


One more tip: Avoid Crown Lengthening with Laser Dentistry

I also recently avoided another recommended painful and disfiguring surgical procedure known as a crown lengthening by finding a laser dentist who could cut away the gums enough to work around the one tooth. I believe this is known as laser de-epithelialization. This was just one visit to the laser dentist and did not involve lowering my gums, exposing roots of other teeth, or filing down my jaw bone.

It was slightly gross to have my gums burned away around the tooth, and it was sensitive for a week or more, but SO much better than the alternative which I learned about in detail by consulting a periodontist.

I understand the Periodontist's explanation that a smooth surface is required for good attachment and to avoid future decay, but if the laser works, you save a huge amount of pain, money and future discomfort from exposure of the roots of your nearby teeth!

The good thing about the laser is that it encourages regrowth of Keratinized Gingiva the tough gum tissue that attaches to your teeth and protects the roots.

If the crown lengthening is done with laser therapy instead of the traditional surgical intervention, the healing will tend to be quicker and the procedure will have less swelling and discomfort as a rule. Not all lasers are appropriate for this procedure. - tgs


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[...] is a product which is supposed to dissolve tartar.  I ran across a strong recommendation for Periogen at Xenophilia (True Strange Stuff).  The Author says that he avoided ”two [...]

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I'm trying to find a 3rd party source about the credibility of Periogen. Are you that person or is this written by the Periogen company?


Xeno said...

I'm that person. Worked for me. What I wanted to do but didn't was get a scope to look below my gums before and after my self treatment with Periogen, but my pocket depths did change and a new dentist who measured said I definitely did NOT need a deep cleaning after treatment. Now, because the maker told me periogen kills strep mutans, the bacteria that turns sugar into acid which breaks minerals out of your teeth, I still use it with my waterpic any time I start to feel the sensitivty that indicates to me that my teeth are getting too demineralized.

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Hi Alex - Have you tried Periogen? Did it work for you?