Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mylow gets all-magnet-motor running using off-the-shelf parts

Why is Mylow's brother reluctant to let go at the end? Why does it  seem to start spinning again after being stopped the last time when far from the pushing magnets?  The video seems to cut short when it is about to show acceleration.

I have some magnets. Now I want to find an old turntable so I can verify for myself that this does not work.

He did it!

Mylow got his next iteration of his all-magnet motor running -- using only one set of six magnets on the rotor -- something modern physics would say is "impossible," just as their models of known science predict that a bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly -- something the bumble bees haven't let stop them, any more than the rules of science have stopped Mylow from successfully replicating what Howard Johnson -- his hero -- is said to have accomplished back in 1978, receiving several patents for his design.

What is remarkable about this version is that it uses magnets readily available in the marketplace today. (See magnet specs in right column.)

In all his previous working motors, the components he was using were not readily available. The 1/2 x 1/2 x 2-inch bar magnets he was using, for example, are ones he picked up thirty years ago from Radio Shack, who long ago stopped carrying them. And in the Stonehenge version that preceded the bar-magnet motor version, his rotor magnets came from Science and Surplus in Chicago, and are no longer available. This has made replicating his effect more difficult that we would have thought.

Because other people don't seem to have the same gift he has to get the spacing right on a new set of magnets, no one else has been able yet to replicate his effect since he first started posting videos on March 17; and he's posted around seven different videos showing his motor turning from a stop, accelerating, then reaching an equilibrium speed. Most recently, he posted two videos showing his bar-magnet motor running on top of a glass table.

But despite all that evidence, the replicators have been frustrated in their attempts to copy what he's been sharing openly, because they've not been working with the same set of tools.

However, that will be changing over the next few hours, because not only are the magnets in his most recent version readily available, but there are quite a few people trying to replicate this who already have those very magnets. All they need is a photo or video to see how Mylow arranged his magnets, so they can get a template, and they will be good to go. I wouldn't be surprised if by this time tomorrow night there are a dozen successful replications from around the planet.

via More Mylow videos, more witnesses, pilgrimage under way.

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santi said...

Does anyone know why his system ends up with its magnets demagnetized?. Thanks