Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sacramento Teen Tops More Than 300,000 Texts In Month

She logged more than 300,000 text messages in one month.

"My friends said, 'Text your little thumbs off'," Crystal Wiski said.

"Thank God for free texting," added her mother, Jacki Wiski.

Jacki Wiski said she just bought the iPhone for her daughter a month ago.

"I get cramps," Crystal Wiski said of her habit.

Needless to say, it didn't take long for her to get used to it.

Her mother is amazed by the number of texts.

"Oh my God, that's unbelievable," Jacki Wiski said. "She must text while she's sleeping."

"I am popular. I can't help it," Crystal Wiski added.

To put 303,000 text messages into perspective: that's more than 10,000 text messages a day, 421 messages an hour and seven texts a minute.

KCRA 3 even timed her.

"I don't talk on the phone that much," Crystal Wiski said.

Jacki Wiski said despite her daughter's addiction, it doesn't stop her from holding down a full-time job. It also has not affected her grades.

"She has a 40-hour-a-week job and straight As," Jacki Wiski said. ... If you calculate the more than 300,000 text messages at 10 cents a text, she would owe more than $30,000. Unlimited texting has definitely helped in this case.

via Teen Tops More Than 300,000 Texts In Month - Sacramento News Story - KCRA Sacramento.

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James said...

I am baffled how someone could basically live on their phone like that. How can she average that amount and work full time and go to school? I am assuming she doesn't do it as frequently at work/school so there must be periods of time when she slows down and other times when she goes faster. Lets not forget that is texts sent and received, and it does not say the length of texts. LOL is just as much a text message and takes less than a second to type and send (for me at least).

She couldn't even stop during an interview! Though I am supposing they may have told her she could text just for the novelty.