Thursday, November 4, 2010

Design fault 'may have caused A380 scare'

Firefighters surround the Qantas plane which made an emergency landing at Singapore's Changi Airport after having engine problems, 4 November 2010The engine failure that caused the emergency landing of a Qantas Airbus A380 in Singapore may have been caused by a design fault, the Australian airline says.

"We believe this is most likely some kind of material failure or a design issue," CEO Alan Joyce said, adding the investigation was continuing.

One of the engines failed after take-off from Singapore's Changi airport.

Qantas has grounded its six A380 jets pending emergency checks.

Mr Joyce said it was too early to say what exactly caused the problem, but he said the blowout was "an engine issue" and not one of maintenance on the two-year-old plane. ...

via BBC News - Design fault 'may have caused A380 scare' - Qantas.

Update Nov 5:

A Qantas airline jumbo jet has made an emergency landing in Singapore because of an engine problem.

The Boeing 747-400 turned back shortly after take-off from Changi Airport, airline officials said.

Passengers who were on board the flight said they heard a loud bang shortly after take-off.

It comes a day after a Qantas Airbus A380 was forced to make an emergency landing at the same airport after one of its engines exploded.

via BBC

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