Monday, November 22, 2010

The drugalyser: new weapon in the clampdown on drug driving

A policeman breathalysing a driver - Public supports a tougher stance on drink- and drug-driving A new handheld “drugalyser” that detects substance abuse in under two minutes could become the latest weapon the clampdown on drug driving.

The portable handheld device can detect cocaine and heroine from a saliva sample within 90 seconds and other substances within minutes. It is able to detect drugs in the body at far lower levels than existing testing devices

The new portable device, which will be available in 2011, would mean police officers could carry out tests on suspected drug drivers at the roadside.

A positive result would mean officers would no longer have to wait for permission from a doctor before a blood test could be taken to be used as evidence in court.

via The drugalyser: new weapon in the clampdown on drug driving - Telegraph.

Neat tool, but a forced blood draw, where you are held down by thugs and stuck with a needle, is one of the most traumatic and painful experiences. I know someone who went through this. It should not be permitted by law. Blood tests are not needed since a urine test is just as informative.  Sometimes, even when you consent to give a urine sample, police will do a forced blood draw just to assert their authority, to force you to submit. Such people have no business wearing a uniform.

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oliver stieber said...

Isn't Virtual Reality up the the standard that they could have one installed and get people to take a 'test of fitness to drive',
After all I know people who take loads of drugs (e.g. opiates) that are proscribed to them, they just had to wait a while to get used to the before being able to drive.
I've also been cutup and had people pull out in front of me, not sure if they where on drugs or not.

What about fat people, increases breaking distance, really nasty and addictive substance.

given that people are affected in substantially different ways to things like cocaine and heroine and that tolerance builds up, this just stinks of propaganda.