Thursday, November 4, 2010

Update: Nigerian couple agrees to genetic test for their white baby 22, 2010 (African Examiner)  Oludare S. Fase, USA with agency reports

Nigerian couple Ben and Angela Ihegboro who gave birth to a white baby girl in South London have

agreed that the four-day old Nmachi Ihegboro will undergo full genetic tests in the coming weeks,

according to reports.

The couple is desperately trying to discover whether they have white ancestry in their gene to

warrant the skin color of their white baby girl, Nmachi.

Geneticist Dr Mark Thomas of University College London who confirmed that the family has agreed

to the test said that he ''suspects there has been a mixture of a mutation, like albinism, combined

with a dormant white gene.'' but adding that the odd of the white colouring is a million to one.

The father, Mr Ihegboro said ''It doesn’t matter to us quite how she came about, but we will do what

we can to find answers. She’s a beautiful; miracle baby and we love her. She could be green and

yellow – we would love her the same.''

The father who was quoted as saying that “my wife is true to me” also disclosed that after the birth

of the baby, both of them sat looking at her for so long without saying a word.

The issue has continued to generate both medical and moral debates all over world as every one

awaits the result of the genetic test.

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I can't really find anything after July 2010. How long does the testing take?

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momof5 said...

I love this. She is a little miracle. :) And beautiful. She looks like her older sister and her mom. I have 5 mixed children and all of them are all different skin tones, it depends on what genes come out (even have a red head - who is the lightest of all).