Thursday, July 27, 2006

Conspiracy: Population Reduction Plan

My inside sources have told me what is really going on. I will reveal it to you. They were planning to use a virus (or just the threat of a virus), but the current plan is to use religion and patriotism to get the less intelligent people on the planet to fight and die to reduce the world's population.

Of course, it is all a scam. Bin Laden and Bush were buddies (before Bin Laden died a few years ago), as are the top leaders of other groups at war. They are putting on an act to get people to kill eachother in large numbers. This must be done to get the human population down from 6.5 billion to 1 or 2 billion people. Here are some stories:
Bin Laden's deputy calls for global war on 'crusaders'

Israel approves calling up 30,000 reservists

Bringing on 'World War III'

skulls1.jpeg"The Cold War was the best thing that ever happened to American capitalism, and the collapse of the Soviet Union was a disaster for the Eisenhower-named military-industrial complex," Stauber pointed out.

"The strategists among the pro-war right jumped all over 9/11; an endless, secret, war against a foreign enemy bent on terrorism and acquiring weapons of mass destruction is an even better scenario for American militarists than the Cold War."

We are Already in a Religious War

'Our religion says to fight for jihad' (India & Pakistan)

ABC News: Avian Flu: Is the Government Ready for an Epidemic?

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