Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Despite Supreme Court, Bush Seeks Witchhunt Powers

In our not too distant history, we had a situation where people were tortured into "confessing" crimes they did not commit, including having impossible supernatural powers. They were then killed based on those coerced confessions. Under this system innocent people were murdered by sadistic religious zealots. first.jpgNow, the newest group of crazed zealots, the Bush neocons, want to continue the witchhunt model of the past with secret tribunals.
"In their most detailed description of administration policy since the Supreme Court struck down the Pentagon's special war crimes tribunals last month, the lawyers said their ability to introduce evidence gathered through coercion ... would be compromised if they were forced to use the Uniform Code of Military Justice to charge Al Qaeda defendants." - latimes

This is like a murderer saying his ability to murder is compromised by the laws againt murder. In other words, these lawyers spawned from the depths of hell are arguing for the removal of human rights. Remember, there are women and children among the prisoners that will face these tribunals. They seek to use prisoner's tortured "confessions" as evidence. They want Kangaroo courts. The only reason to argue for this is that they already know the evidence is not on their side. Impeach Bush.

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