Monday, October 25, 2010

Japan protests over Chinese boats near disputed islands

The Chinese fishing vessel being led into a Japanese port 8 September 2010Japan's government has made a formal protest to Beijing after two Chinese fisheries patrol boats were seen near a disputed island chain.

Relations between Asia's two biggest economies have been tense since a Chinese trawler captain was arrested by Japan's coastguard in the same area in early September.

The Chinese boats were spotted by the coastguard late on Sunday.

Protests over the territorial row took place in both countries at the weekend.

The islands in the East China Sea, known in Japan as Senkaku and in China as Diaoyu, are controlled by Japan, but claimed by China.

They are uninhabited, but surrounded by rich fishing grounds and potentially significant oil and gas reserves. ...

via BBC News - Japan protests over Chinese boats near disputed islands.

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