Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Texas Woman Jessekah Few Jailed for Overdue Library Books

Authorities threw the book at a woman who had a few overdue library books.

Police in Baytown, Texas, say they locked up Jessekah Few last month after the 25-year-old failed to show up in court for a hearing about unreturned library books.

"It's not a very common charge," Baytown Police Department Detective Alan Cliburn told"It's part of the deal, part of the agreement that you enter into. It's just like anything else -- you can't take something that doesn't belong to you and just hold onto it."

Library officials say they only pursue charges against members who haven't returned more than $200 of property after multiple requests.

Few -- who was charged with a class-C misdemeanor -- has reportedly stated that the books were destroyed in a house fire seven years ago. She says her landlord, the fire department and even the Red Cross can attest to the blaze.

Contrary to reports indicating that Few was arrested on Thanksgiving Day, Baytown police told AOL News that she was apprehended the day before the holiday.

via Texas Woman Jessekah Few Jailed for Overdue Library Books.

The Texas governor is reportedly considering an exception to the death penalty.  ;-)

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Huey said...

You think this is bad... I went to jail in Colorado for my son not wearing a life jacket in a canoe (he was sitting on his life jacket). I mailed the $50 cashier's check to pay the fine... but the County Parks Dept lost it. I received no notification that there was a warrant out for me and went to jail when an unmarked state trooper performing routine license plate scans discovered I had a warrant out for my arrest. I was frisked, hand cuffed, and set to jail for 5 hours (until I posted bail). Rediculous.