Thursday, December 2, 2010

US photographer snaps 'eye of God'

US photographer snaps 'eye of God'. See more on the web site of Sean R. Heavey.

Blow hole by Sean R. Heavey Eye of the storm.. by Sean R. Heavey TuRN BACK NOW..! by Sean R. Heavey  by Sean R. Heavey


Ann said...

Very nice. I've stood under similar cloud formations that preceded violent storms in the U.S. Midwest. They're caused by sudden and drastic hot vs. cold temperature changes, usually occurring in the spring. These formations are expected to be more frequent as our climate changes. It's kind of a humbling experience standing underneath such massive turbulence and power that may actually stretch thousands of feet into the atmosphere, perhaps even to the edge of space, while their internal, vertical wind currents are strong enough to shear a wing off a plane.

Newborn Photography said...

Miracle of nature. but this is great clud photo.