Monday, April 21, 2008

My World Politics in a Nutshell

For those new to this site, here is what I believe.

I believe the world is running out of major oil deposits. Food prices are already going up, because making food requires oil. We face mass starvation when the oil runs out and as we try to turn food into energy. Knowing this before 9/11/2001, they first tried to tell people the truth, then Cheney had Bush take a long vacation where, based on PNAC recommendations, they planned the attacks 9/11 as a pretext to invade Afghanistan to build a pipeline to get the oil and natural gas out of the Caspian Sea basin and as a reason to invade Iraq to control its oil. Iraq has the 2nd largest proven oil reserves in the world. I believe they had to lie to the world because telling the truth would set off World War III for the last remaining oil. This is why they believe they will be vindicated by history and why they invented the terrorism deception. Obesity is more deadly than terrorism.

I do not agree with these decisions, but I believe they see themselves as heroes, saving many millions of Americans from starvation in a few years by their actions now. I see a better way, which is why I marched in the largest anti-war protest in the history of the country years ago. We should have spent the 3 trillion dollars this war is costing on developing alternative energy and converting to a new way of life. I've read that solar panels across the Sahara could provide the Earth with clean energy. Bacteria can produce hydrogen. And there are technologies to turn landfills into energy. Let's do that now.

Is it interesting to me in 2008 to go back and see what I was thinking in 2003 about the war.

As always, if you are certain I am wrong about any of this, let me know why.


Ray Bilbo said...

When the first barrel of oil was removed from the ground we began to run out of oil.
The Earth has a finite quantity of fossil fuels. The main problem is when will the Earth run out of them? Certainly not tomorrow or in the next 20 years. If we turn to Coal and Shale oils, not for a 100 years. The only sure energy that the earth has is the Sun. It will likely last some say a billion years. Chicken Little on the other hand believes the Sun will stop supplying energy tomorrow.
Our current problem is we have not built new refineries or looked for crude in the shallow seas that surround the USA.
OUR CONGRESS has mandated our current shortages of oil. High taxes on oil have fed the National Debt and OUR CONGRESS is spending trillions more than we have.

I am certain that you are wrong, not on the subject but on the timing of our last drops of oil.

Xeno said...

I agree and I should clarify. Running out of oil is an oversimplification. You are correct. Rather, the oil available will soon reach a point at which it costs more to get it out of the ground than the energy it gives us. There is plenty of oil in small deposits, but the large reserves are where the profit is. despite our technological advances, including the use of satellites, ground penetrating radar, etc, new large reserves are not being discovered at a rate needed to keep up with our demands. The cost of getting the oil that remains keeps going up. When it costs 2 units of energy to remove enough oil to produce 2 unit of energy, the whole thing stops working. That's peak oil, as I understand it. Shale and Coal don't have the energy density and they cause much more pollution, so I agree that the sun is the thing to tap. But it seems to me that US intelligence and the big energy and alternative energy companies meeting with Cheney in 2001 must have briefed him candidly that there simply isn't enough alternative energy to meet our needs. The time and money it will take to convert our infrastructure away from oil probably would greatly exceed the cost of the war in Iraq and it would require major changes in our way of life... driving much less... eating less... lights out at certain peak times... etc.

Xeno said...

Thanks for this very interesting post Sepp. I have some research to do now to catch up with this theory.