Friday, April 25, 2008

Woman Fights To Keep Nearly 150 Cats At Home

A Central Florida woman fined $150 a day for having nearly 150 cats at her home was in court Wednesday fighting to keep the animals in her so-called animal sanctuary. Kristy Grant has cared for the cats at her home in Volusia County despite being cited and complaints from her neighbors. The county fined Grant $6,700 for unlicensed cats and $150 a day since March for having the cats, Local 6 reported.

"It is frustrating, it is nerve-racking," Grant said. "It has been a long two years since I was first cited for having more than four pets on my property."Wednesday, Grant's attorney said Volusia County is in the dark when it comes to rules for cat hobbyist.Grant said she has recently installed a fence to keep her neighbors happy."I guarantee that the cats can't get out," Grant said.During a hearing, Volusia County's attorney said rules for keeping cats on property have not been defined, Local 6's Chris Trenkmann said.Grant said she hopes she is not the target for a new ordinance."Yes, that upsets me," Grant said. "I don't want to prevent anyone from doing what I do. If you want to help an animal, you should."A judge said Wednesday that he will make a ruling on case at a later date.However, he pointed out to Volusia County that it did not make sense for them to be determining rules about giving permits for cat sanctuaries if they haven't written any rules out, Trenkmann said.Grant said she has the right to have a permit to keep her cats safe. - local6

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Ann said...

Kristy Grant obviously doesn't recognize she has a problem or that anything is wrong. This behavior, animal hoarding, is actually common. Often people who hoard animals appear quite healthy outside of their context. Sometimes they are, however, delusional, when, for example, they insist that the animals are healthy, but they're not. But, there is also compulsive component involved, much like a shoplifter who can't stop, an animal hoarder just can't resist adding another member to her family. Animal hoarders are often socially isolated people, but this supposedly isn't the cause of hoarding as much as the result of it. People in animal shelter centers are experts in these matters.

And, me?
I collect lice and fleas.
And, chiggers too!
They are so dear to me.
Come near, I'll share'm with you.