Thursday, October 21, 2010

UFO Sightings: First China and Manhattan, Now El Paso and Richmond

Lee Speigel - ...  Last week, unusual high-flying objects were spotted over the Chelsea area of Manhattan. The silvery-colored things escaped both the detection of local airport radar as well as partygoers in northern Westchester County who claimed the UFOs were balloons, intended for an event honoring a teacher's engagement and that accidentally flew away.

And then, over the weekend, strange lights appeared in the sky over El Paso. Video of the incident clearly depicts a bright object in the night sky that breaks into three separate things that continue to head to the ground.

According to a news report on El Paso's KTSM-TV, there was an eerie triangular pattern similarity between the New York and Texas encounters. But true "X-Files" believers had the wind knocked out of their alien sails when it was revealed that a weekend air show in El Paso featured a nighttime parachute display by a group called the Golden Knights. ...

via UFO Sightings: First China and Manhattan, Now El Paso and Richmond.

News editors, please consider using the word "UFO" correctly. The phrase "Some people thought they looked like UFOs." makes no sense. UFOs don't look like any particular thing. That's the "U" part of "UFO".  Unidentified. Nothing looks unidentified! It IS unidentified, or it isn't. If you mean, they looked like flying disks, then that's just one kind of UFO, but you should say that.

Meanwhile, here is a likely answer from ghosttheory:

A quick check at the Golden Knights website, reveals the schedule of the US Army Golden Knights jump schedule: On Location
Black Demo Team
16-17 Oct El Paso, TX

The Golden Knights seem like the answer. They fall in formation, split, then hover. Then they maneuver around each other.

But wait... if the UFOs in El Paso really stayed up for three hours, these troops may be using jet packs or something in combination with parachutes.  Being able to stay up for three hours and choose where to land would be a great advantage, especially if they jump at night without the signal flares to give away their location.
"... the one from El Paso hovered, with one report giving a time frame of 3 hours." - youtube

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