Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Unmanned Warfare Developments You Haven’t Heard About

... Flying saucers. The Department of Defense claims these smaller UAVs will be optimal during warfare in urban areas. They’re smaller than most aerial UAVs and cost less to produce. It’s battery powered and there are versions being made all over the world, but only prototypes have been tested. Will flying saucers ever make it to actual battle? Maybe, but it seems other models are outdoing the progress made with saucers. ...

via Criminal Justice Degrees » Blog Archive » Robot Wars: 10 Recent Developments in Unmanned Warfare You Haven’t Heard About.

Check out AESIR. The video below destroys the myth that circular winged aircraft are unstable, doesn't it?
"Geoff Hatton originally designed the disc-shaped vehicle, which uses the Coanda effect for lift." - aviationweek

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