Thursday, January 13, 2011

Are you eating diseased meat?

... The received wisdom among physicians is that Crohn’s disease is caused by an “autoimmune” process, in which the body unaccountably turns against itself.

Asked about a possible bacterial cause of Crohn’s, the conventional medical response is a variant on our imagined attempt to cure a viral disease with penicillin: “Been there. Done that. Didn’t work.” Again, a seemingly legitimate inference, but in all likelihood, tragically wrong.

In fact, there is a bacterium strongly implicated in Crohn’s disease: Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis (MAP). Closely related to the microbe that causes tuberculosis and leprosy, MAP is the critter that produces Johne’s disease – the livestock version of Crohn’s — in cattle and many other animals. ...

There is growing evidence that the connection between MAP and Crohn’s was ruled out prematurely and erroneously.  Thus, early efforts to grow MAP in laboratories used the wrong culture medium (MAP, like the bugs that cause TB and leprosy, is notoriously slow-growing and fussy).   Using the right materials, MAP has now been identified in Crohn’s patients and rarely in normal controls.  Moreover, early attempts to cure Crohn’s with antibiotics likely failed for a very simple reason: they used the wrong antibiotics! Once again like TB and leprosy, MAP is very difficult to kill.

When it infects human beings, it has been claimed — but not confirmed — that MAP  assumes a slightly different form than when it causes Johne’s in goats, sheep, or cattle.  But there is no doubt whatever that  MAP is the cause of Johne’s disease — and, moreover, MAP samples, taken from human beings with Crohn’s disease, induces Johne’s in goats.  It nonetheless quickly became biomedical dogma that MAP did not cause Crohn’s in people, since human MAP could not be cultured in laboratories from Crohn’s sufferers.

In the last 15 years, however, things have changed dramatically. ...

via The Most Important Disease You Probably Never Heard Of - Brainstorm - The Chronicle of Higher Education.


So "autoimmune" may be a way of blaming YOU for a problem when the real cause is censored for financial reasons by those actually responsible.

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Many peoples in poor countries like south Asia still die due to diseased meat.