Friday, January 21, 2011

Three Breasted Women, Fact or Fiction?

Figure 2In structural anomalies or anatomic variants of the breast, the presence of a supernumerary nipple is more common than the presence of supernumerary breast tissue with or without an associated nipple-areolar. Accessory mammary tissue is more common in women 2 to 6 percent than in men 1 percent.1 Incidence also varies among ethnic groups; accessory mammary tissue is more common in Asian women than in black or white women

via Photo Quiz - May 1, 2000 - American Academy of Family Physicians.

Accessory breasts, also known as polymastia, supernumerary breasts, or mammae erraticae, is the condition of having an additionalbreast. Extra breasts may appear with or without nipples or areolae. ... In some cases, the accessory breast may not be visible at the surface. In these cases, it may be possible to distinguish their appearance from normal breast tissue with MRI. In other cases, accessory breasts have been known to lactate, as illustrated in a woodcut showing a child nursing at ectopic breast tissue on the lateral thigh ...Polymastia results from the eruption of extra breasts usually along the milk line that extends from axillae to groin. While the location of this tissue is established during embryonic development, it may not become apparent or troublesome until puberty or lactation. In extremely rare cases, extra breasts may appear ectopically on the neck, face, upper arm, shoulder, back, buttock, hip, vulva, perineum, thigh, or even foot.

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The photo above is the real deal. I'm told there is a porn video of actress "Taylor Chanel" with three breasts. She claims in the video to have been born with three. Here are a few stills:

The makeup job and prosthesis are very good, excellent blending to match her own skin, but she never had three  breasts before that video. She's made other videos and she has only two. Here is a photo of Taylor.
Taylor Chanel

So, myth busted ... pardon the pun. Who can dig up the real name of the model in the following photo?

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