Monday, January 31, 2011

Black Widow attempted New Year Moscow attack but blew herself up by mistake

Russians celebrate the New Year on Red Square in MoscowThe woman intended to detonate a suicide belt on a busy square near Red Square on New Year's Eve in an attack that could have killed hundreds ...

The unnamed woman, who is thought to be part of the same group that struck Moscow's Domodedovo airport on Monday, intended to detonate a suicide belt on a busy square near Red Square on New Year's Eve in an attack that could have killed hundreds.

Security sources believe a spam message from her mobile phone operator wishing her a happy new year received just hours before the planned attack triggered her suicide belt, killing her but nobody else.

She was at her Moscow safe house at the time getting ready with two accomplices, both of whom survived and were seen fleeing the scene.

Islamist terrorists in Russia often use cheap unused mobile phones as detonators. The bomber's handler, who is usually watching their charge, sends the bomber a text message in order to set off his or her explosive belt at the moment when it is thought they can inflict maximum casualties.

The phones are usually kept switched off until the very last minute but in this case, Russian security sources believe, the terrorists were careless. ...

via Black Widow attempted New Year Moscow attack but blew herself up by mistake - Telegraph.

Yeah, that will make people think twice about getting together in large groups, such as protests and such.


Mirlen101 said...

Maybe we could create a device to Pre-Explode some of these suicide bombers ! Just a thought ;-) The men get 72 virgins . What do the female suicide bombers get ? ;-/

Ann said...

Female suicide bombers?

First get the facts straight. Look up "Houri" - wikipedia: " ... mainstream Muslims regard [the] belief about 72 virgins in the same way that mainstream Christians regard the belief that after death they will be issued with wings and a harp, and walk on clouds."

During times of war we should be aware that there's a lot more propaganda floating around about the "enemy" than is normally the case.

Be that as it may, female Muslim suicide bombers get devoted males who do all the household chores, cleaning, laundry, gardening etc., never complain, and are at service of the woman's slightest whim 24/7. [Don't ask about balancing numbers of males who died and virgins and females who died and males - we're talking supernatural heaven here]

Oh, by the way, Christian woman get men to carry their harps around.

Mirlen101 said...

So what was your arguement ? That they aren't techniqually female virgins but heavenly creatures ( like angels ) who are not technically female or male ? What propaganda ? That there are or aren't suicide bombers ? That there are fewer women suicide bombers ? The distinction between virgins and non sexed Angel like beings ? BTW I'm not Christian ! Who are you sticking up for ? Suicide bombers or just women who blow themselves up ?

Ann said...

Whoa! Did I push a button or what? And, here I tried to make humor of what I thought was already silly idea.

Silly me!

Of course, there are suicide bombers, some of whom are female. I was addressing the apparently common held notion, to which you referred, that claims Muslim suicide bombers believe they will be rewarded with "72 virgins" in the hereafter.

To put it bluntly, it is not true, except perhaps for the most superficial type of "believer." The same kind of believer who, if Christian, would believe that he or she would be issued a pair of wings and be playing a harp after they die. I seriously doubt there are many, if any, of these kinds of people actually around any where in the world (at least the adult world).

The U.S. is now and has been for some time at war. (We ought to be aware of this seeing how we, taxpayers, are paying for the largest military in the history of humankind, and by far the largest than any other country in the current world.) And, during times of war, any war, there's an enormous amount information floating around that is not true about the "enemy," whomever they be. (And, also during times of war, any war, there's usually a lot of false information about the war itself floating around - but that's another story.)

The notion that suicide bombers will be rewarded "72 virgins" is one of those false ideas currently floating around about the "enemy." Certainly, you must agree such an idea makes the Muslim believer and his religion look a bit silly.

(BTW, I didn't imply or suggest you were of any religion.)

Mirlen101 said...

I'm not sure if either of us can make a accurate judgement call on what extremists believe . I would have more insight on what Christians generally believe . And I would say most believe that if they commit suicide they are going to hell ! And that if they are good and believe in God that they will go to heaven. To speculate on what the male Muslim extremist believes would be speculation on my part or yours. Maybe you know more Muslims then I . But that wouldn't necessarily give you more insight into the extremists point of view . But I'll take a guess as to what the extremists believe based on what I do know or think . My guess is that they think they are being martyred and will be rewarded in a heavenly existence .They might believe “Houri” will service them with what they desire . And I think to say “Houri” are not female virgins ( in male minds ) is a ridiculous assertion . You must know the basics about how devout Muslim men feel about women . Do you deny that they have intense distaste for what they consider impure women ! Not even the average devout Muslim man is going to except impure women in his Utopian harem ! Let alone a MALE angelic being ( unless they are gay ! You might object to the #72 but how can you deny “Houri” > virgins= pure female attendants ? And of course it makes them look silly they are silly ! All religions are silly ! My God , Christians have a Santa Claus like figure sitting on a golden throne surrounded by little naked boys with wings ! A dead man/God/son of God being tortured on a cross as a symbol of Gods devotion ! And eat crackers as actual flesh and wine as blood ! Chant words expecting them to have magical powers ! Pretty damn silly to me ! And we are talking Muslim extremists not Muslims ! Most Muslims don't go around blowing themselves up ! When the media refers to 72 virgins they weren't talking about what Muslims believe ! They were talking about what the average male Muslim suicide bomber believed . Or to be more precise what the media thought the average male Muslim extremist suicide bomber believed ! Not once have I read or seen a story that said that the average Muslim believes that they will be allotted 72 Virgins ! How can either of us really know what the extremists believe .Maybe the person or persons that reported the 72 Virgin story did have insight and knew more about it . You can't say for a fact that it isn't true can you ? So who is it that is spreading propaganda ? You said your self and I quote "mainstream Muslims regard [the] belief about 72 virgins in the same way that mainstream Christians regard the belief that after death they will be issued with wings and a harp, and walk on clouds.” " So again what are you denying ? What exactly is the propaganda you refer to and the facts you speak of ? You are throwing around a lot of ambiguities !

Mirlen101 said...

Can you prove that the original story about 72 virgins was with malice intent ? Do you even know who originally wrote the piece ? And where they got their information ? And again we are not talking about Muslims ! We are talking about extremists who happen to be Muslim ! Yes there is plenty of propaganda about both ! The 72 virgins statement might have one of those occasions . But a misstatement about terrorist's intent or mindset is pretty low on my totem pole ! Not to say we should ignore or be ignorant of their intent .I'm saying I'm not concerned about hurting their feelings ! Or even spreading rumours about them ! I think we should spread more rumours about them ! Make them look as silly as possible ! Grind their corpses put them in warheads and send them back to their training camps !
You can stick up for terrorists all you want ! Make sure we are not spreading little rumors about them . But there is no justification for purposely killing the innocent . No matter what the reason !
I get the impression you think I know way less about the Muslims then I actually do . I'm quite aware of their history and religion . But again we aren't talking about Muslims !!!! We are talking about fanatics that happen to be Muslim's !!! Muslim's don't believe in what the fanatics are doing anymore than Christian's believe in What the KKK thinks or does ! If I say something about the KKK does that mean I'm talking about Christians ? NO !
If I say the IRA extremists that bomb the innocent are murders . Does that mean I'm degrading the Irish ? Or Christians ?
I think you need to get your priorities straight !

Mirlen101 said...

God you are anal ! Now your going after my spelling skills ! I usually whip things out without looking over my spelling . The spellcheck catches it . I guess the spellcheck fell asleep .I can't type either ! ;-P
I'm not sure what story you read but the story and conversation was about Suicide bombers ! Maybe you should go back and read it again !"Black Widow attempted New Year Moscow attack but blew herself up by mistake" ! Why should I be emotional ? We are just talking about a group who massacred thousands of innocent people ! And you get all emotional splitting hairs about the difference between a “Houri” and a virgin ! Or whether terrorists believe that there will be 72 virgins in heaven ! Throwing in what you call "facts" for meaningless side steps . Again you use the term "rumor" without proof that the original writer who stated " 72 virgins " made it up ! So YOU are in fact spreading rumor !
Joseph Briggen killed innocent people ! Not terrorists ! If he had killed only terrorists he would be a hero not a cold blood killer like the terrorists you are so concerned about ! And who's getting defensive ? You've implied I'm a mindless follower . A cold blooded killer and a Christian !
When I said grind their corpses I meant terrorists ! I think anyone would realise that !
I know plenty about the KKK ! Who do you think you are ? You are so arrogant to think you know more about every subject ! And that you somehow need to enlighten us with your supreme intellectual prowess !
To even think that I'm following anyone is laughable . I'm far from a follower ! And I don't lead anyone .I'm a proven original independent mind , unlike yourself who just thinks she is !
Here we are talking about terrorists and you keep coming back to some generalizations about Muslims ! Who has the hang up here ?
You think I don't get your point ! I got your point before you even stated it ! I've heard it many times before by several people !
That Muslims are being generalized and ridiculed for propaganda purposes . In order to belittle them and justify hatred against a religion . Ya Duh !
What I'm saying is your saying it in the wrong place ! In the wrong way ! Extremists are not of the mainstream . So speaking in terms of a major group like the Muslims when it comes to extremists is playing into the hands you purport to be against ! The only reason I even use the word "Muslim" when talking about the terrorists is because it is their motivation for the crime . You can not separate the two in this case .
When a group of suicidal bombing Christians comes around killing innocents I'll be sure to belittle them as well , and equally !
My punctuation and grammar await your approval > not !

Mirlen101 said...

Since you wouldn't look up the source I did it for you ! .It explains where the original story of the "72 Virgins " ( in connection to the bombers ) comes from . And it's religious background etc.. It stands by the facts as told to them from the source ! So your theory of propaganda doesn't float !
"Reporter Bob Simon interviewed Hamas operative Muhammad Abu Wardeh, who recruited terrorists for suicide bombings in Israel. Abu Wardeh's words were translated into English by CBS "
This should be right up your alley ! And yes I mean that literally !

Ann said...

I'll have to agree with you. You certainly do "whip things out" without looking it over. And, you might have added without much thought.

You're actually supporting a terrorist, and a Muslim one at that!

In the end, I don't believe you don't like "terrorists." You cite CBS who interviewed Muhammad Abu Wardeh, who is a terrorist, as your source. Abu Wardeh is responsible for bomb attacks in Jerusalem in 1996 in which dozens of Israelis were killed. And, he is well known in his attempts at recruiting other terrorists, through whatever means - such as with lies. You see, propaganda doesn't occur on just one side of the fight. It's found on both sides.

But, I'm glad to see that you've tried to hunt down sources, instead of relying on emotional and thoughtless rants.

But, I guess you don't "like," (that's an emotion, by the way), Dr. Margaret Nydell's work, which I mentioned above. ... Hmmm ... Who would a thoughtful person choose as a source on religion, a terrorist who attempting to recruit other terrorists, or person who actually studies religions?

If you had been a bit more thorough you might have also found this by Ibn Warraq from the Guardian: "Virgins? What virgins?" 12 January 2002

But, that's ok. Nice try.

Be in peace, my friend.

Ann said...

Oh, by the way, this is from Leaflet circulated by the Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi in 1964:

"Here are Twenty Reasons WHY you should, if qualified, join, aid and support the White Knights of the KU KLUX KLAN of Mississippi

1. Because it is a Christian, fraternal and benevolent organization.

2. Because it is a democratic organization, governed by its members.

3. Because it is a democratic and just organization.

4. Because it is a working organization which not only talks but ACTS.

..." It goes on.

It doesn't look like they're trying to recruit fanatics, "evil" people or "terrorists", does it? But, this is the nature of deception and propaganda: it plays with your "good" emotions.

Even as I write this, there are Christian pastors supporting the KKK. You can find their spew online. And, KKK is still today distributing recruitment leaflets, not in bars or remote rural areas in the South somewhere, but on university campuses.

Mirlen101 said...

Your disturbed person ! You know that right ? Have you taken your meds lately ?

Ann said...

"Your disturbed person !"

I guess, you mean: "You're a disturbed person."

But, honestly don't know what you mean by writing:

"You know that right ?"

If you're referring to where I got my information, I got online. You can find information about pastors supporting the KKK online. And, the university to which I referred was Texas Tech in Lubbock, West Texas. And, the flyer is a bit of US history, which you can also find online.

I suppose by this: "Have you taken your meds lately ?" refers back to me being "disturbed."

It's ok. Please tell me about my disturbance. I really want to know. Thanks in advance.

Meg said...

Cool! Another contestant for Darwin Awards.

Mirlen101 said...

You are taking it out of context just to prove YOUR point ! Which is propaganda in itself! If you had read the whole article it explains and provides as proof the recording of Muhammad Abu Wardeh telling the interviewer about the " 72 virgins"
Your own quoted source Margaret Nydell implies it is a generally known story and concept ! “mainstream Muslims regard [the] belief about 72 virgins in the same way that mainstream Christians regard the belief that after death they will be issued with wings and a harp, and walk on clouds.”
Yes it is based on religious myth ! All religion is based on myth ! what's that got to with it !
What bone head is going to do a ridiculous poll on weather Muslims believe in the 72 virgins ? Maybe you ! It makes no difference what Muslims believe in this instance because we aren't talking about Muslims ! How many times to do I have to say this ! We are talking about extremists that happen to be Muslim ! It is the Muslim extremists that are giving Muslims a bad reputation not everyone else ! Next you'll be blaming the victims for making them look bad !
Lets see meds ; Obsessive compulsive with a dash of paranoia ! Low self esteem and a control freak !
Now your spreading propaganda about Jews ! Not just Israeli intelligence service according to your logic . Because mentioning Israeli intelligence service obviously means you are talking about ALL of the Jews ! Right ? So you must dislike Jews and are thus spreading rumor and propaganda about them . Have you questioned the Jews and taken a poll to see weather the Jews are involved in a conspiracy ?
You imply I have something against Muslims . I don't , I'm not sure why you would think that . I have made it clear I have something against extremists . Whether they be Jew , Muslim , Agnostic , Christian or any other flavor of crazy ! Murder of the innocent is a terror tactic and wrong ! It doesn't matter who does it or for what reason it is still wrong ! No matter how you want to white wash it and put it in a nice tight package !!
If you want we can argue about whether Virgin airlines is in fact virginal . Or if Madonna was a virgin ( either of them ) Or maybe whether virgin olive oil is really made of actual virgins !

Mirlen101 said...

That's funny ! ;-) I think she wins !
Not Ann , I can see how someone might misinterpret that ! Probably Ann ;-)

Mirlen101 said...

I don't have any quarrels with Dr. Margaret Nydell’s work . I may not agree with her on certain points . But she is generally very highly regarded . Why do you think I keep using her quote ? And yes I know she meant it differently then how I'm using it . But what she meant doesn't exactly jive what you meant either ! And I don't disagree with that particular statement she made .
What I'm trying to get at is you use the word propaganda way too loosely ! And you keep splitting hairs ! Like Bob Simon just made the 72 virgins thing up out of thin air ! He took the best source he could . He can't interview the bombers they're DEAD ! I just can't see him asking them before hand . " So what is your motivation behind this blowing yourself up thing ? " " is it the 72 virgins ? " " or was it the more religiously correct tassel of grapes that was the tipping point ? "
Your facts are not facts at all ! They are opinions ! All of it is based on opinion ! Yours mine and the others . Giving ones opinion is not pushing propaganda .But I'm sure you'll go about splitting that hair !
Did I spell everything right ?

Mirlen101 said...

"Muslim’s don’t believe in what the fanatics are doing anymore than Christian’s believe in What the KKK thinks or does ! If I say something about the KKK does that mean I’m talking about Christians ? NO !"
Let me clarify for you . I'm aware that the KKK was Christian based that's why I gave it as an example ! I meant the ( average ) Christians in general don't believe in what the KKK does or believes . Just because the KKK is Christian based doesn't mean when people point to the KKK they are pointing a finger at the Christians . You just did what you purport to be against ! Lumping Christians with the KKK ! I was making the opposite point ! The KKK are Christian extremists that should be a condemnation of Christianity ! Just as the Muslim Suicide bombers shouldn't be a condemnation of the Muslim religion !
If someone puts up a story about the KKK burning a cross in someones front yard that doesn't mean it is spreading propaganda about Christians ! It is a statement about an event !

Mirlen101 said...

Oops that should have been "The KKK are Christian extremists that "should NOT" be a condemnation of Christianity !