Sunday, April 13, 2008

McCain Unpopular

McCain is unpopular with both democrats and republicans. If he wins, I think it will be due to vote fraud.

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unastronaut. said...

I concur, and hold my breath.

Braden said...

To prove your point, you find a poll that was conducted by the Clinton News Network 1 year ago? Now that is good investigative journalism! Way to go!

Here are Hillary's favorable/unfavorable ratings (from CBS/NYT):

3/28 - 4/2/08
38 39
39 41
35 43

Compare McCain's numbers (and if you look at the entire polling date you will notice that approval ratings are in a steady climb):
3/28 - 4/2/08
35 29
38 31
36 32

The Cult of Obama does much better, but then again, most cult leaders tend to get high ratings at first before people realize what they are all about:

3/28 - 4/2/08
43 24
44 28
45 23

I subscribe to this blog for the interesting stories that you find, like the one about the gas station. Why don't you stick to that, and stop alienating your readers with sloppy attempts at political reporting? Or if you really want to be an irresponsible political blogger, start a blog on that subject... or join MSNBC.

Ann said...

I hope so!

Did you see this ?

Car Powered By Water A Reality

Braden said...

Well it took me a long time to get back to you because I have had a very busy weekend. Even now I have very little time, but I do want to make a couple of points. First is that the poll I cited was just the first one I found. If you look at the Rasmussen daily tracking poll, for instance ( - note that it updates daily, and I don't know how to get to the previous day's data - it shows the following favorability ratings from the 4-15-08 poll:

* John McCain 53%/45% Net +8%
* Barack Obama 49%/49% Net even%
* Hillary Clinton 43%/54% Net -11%

The poll from the day before was even more dramatic (McCain had an 11 percent net favorability) and in the 4/15 poll, McCain beats Obama head-to-head 47-43 and Clinton 48-41.

Can all this change in the Democrats' favor? Sure. Just like McCain (who I'm not overwhelmingly enamored with myself) was very unpopular in June of last year when this video was aired, is now more popular than Obama and Clinton today, tides could change again. I don't think this is likely, though, because Clinton keeps blatantly lying and Obama keeps idiotically putting his foot in his mouth.

If you want to cling to your beliefs and opinions that is fine, but when you put up sloppy arguments to support those opinions, expect to be called on it.

Braden said...

"American Voters are stupid"

Now here is a point we can agree on.