Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bownessie Photo Explained?

Last week a family found something by the lake which casts suspicions on the existence of the beast – a large tyre cut open which when floating on water looks rather like the four-humped creature.

‘We were walking in the area where the picture was taken and suddenly saw this tyre cut open lying on the footpath. I thought, “This looks like the creature,” ’ said John Phillips, 46, who was at Windermere for the half-term break with wife Liz and their three daughters.

Mr Phillips, of Solihull, West Midlands, threw the tyre into the water and said he was stunned by the resemblance to the photo.

‘If you looked at this tyre floating from a distance, it did look a Nessie-like creature,’ he said.

‘But in the original picture there was a wave of water behind the creature, which suggested it was moving at speed. I think it was being pulled with a rope by a person or a boat. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun, but maybe this tyre is the Bowness Monster.’Cryptomundo » Bownessie Photo Explained?.


Ian C said...

looks like more than a single tire

Xeno said...

I wish that weed wasn't in the way in the photo. Is this two or three tires joined together? One very large thin tire for a tractor? Looks from the wake like it was being pulled through the water. Pretty good hoax if so. Fairly cheap to pull off and you might make some real money from selling the blurry photos. Then again, the whole thing could be an innocent mistake where someone was fishing and caught this tire and reeled in to the shore while someone elsewhere took a photo of it, not seeing the person fishing. The fisherman saw it was junk and left it on the shore. The fisherman may have even have read later about the monster in the paper and may have wondered if the lake monster was responsible for dragging the tire into the lake in the first place.