Thursday, March 31, 2011

Caped intruder stabs cocker spaniels in Marple Bridge

Two cocker spaniels have been treated for stab wounds after they were attacked by a caped intruder in Stockport.

The pets' owner discovered the masked man who had a bin liner tied around his shoulders stabbing the pets as she walked into her lounge.

She had stepped outside for a cigarette when the man and an accomplice struck at 2240 BST on Sunday.

Police condemned the cruelty at the cottage on Holly Vale, Marple Bridge.

'Not vicious'

Officers believe that the man, who ran off empty-handed, may have used a screwdriver on the animals who suffered minor injuries.

They have described the incident as a burglary - and said they do not believe it was a grudge attack or that the family were known to the raiders.

Det Con Dave Moran said: "Understandably, the woman was very upset to have her beloved pets attacked in this way.

"These are small family pets and not vicious guard dogs that posed any threat to the intruder."

The men were both described as white and wearing black balaclavas with eye slits and black bin liners tied around their shoulders.

via BBC News - Caped intruder stabs cocker spaniels in Marple Bridge.

I don't know about the actual dogs that were attacked, but these two I found seem to have some kind of alien laser vision... spooky.

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