Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Has Black Hole wiped out all alien life?

A phenomenon known as a white dwarf hypernova could have sucked alien life into a black hole.

Scientists have been long baffled how despite years of searching there has been no evidence of life beyond our planet.

But now some astronomers believe the answer may lie in the destructive force of exploding stars - and claim ET (extraterrestrial) may simply have been wiped out.

Hypernovas are essentially massive supernovas, or giant exploding stars, with a mass of between 100 and 300 times that of the sun.

And because this process, when an exceptionally large white dwarf star, a collapsed remnant of an elderly star, becomes unstable and explodes, has occurred several times over millions of years, it is possible that life may have wiped out more than once, the Daily Mail reports.

Scientists also believe there is a possibility that life on earth too could be wiped out by the process of gamma ray bursts. Intense gamma radiation produces nitrous oxides that could perhaps destroy the ozone layer.

They call the lack of evidence of alien life the 'Great Silence'. ...

via Has Black Hole wiped out all alien life?.


Robert Myrland said...

This is the most impressive BS I ever readed! The scientists mind is mind [screw]ed or trying to mind [screw] you!

Sepp said...

How stupid do they think people are?

Xeno said...

Don't believe in gamma rays Robert?

Sam said...

"Scientists have been long baffled how despite years of searching there has been no evidence of life beyond our planet."

What a ridiculous notion. The fact that we have not contacted alien life, or even seen strong evidence of it, is not even slight proof that it's not out there. I think that sometimes even the "big heads" in whom I have so much faith sometimes forget how incredibly small and stupid we are and how insanely vast and unknown the sample area is. This would go off into a long philosophical rant if I let it, of course... But I just wish that when someone says something like, "We've been looking for decades..." that they would stop and just listen to themselves. It's about like concluding that Australia doesn't exist because I've looked in my closet all day for it.

Cheng said...

Sorry, I had Australia last. I left it in the kitchen.

arjay001 said...

Laughing all the way!