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Researcher claims to solve the mystery of El Chupacabra paranormal investigator, Skeptical Inquirer magazine managing editor, and Discovery News columnist Benjamin Radford invites you to an online news conference where he will reveal the results of five years worth of investigation (including eyewitness accounts, field research, and forensic analysis) into the mystery of the Hispanic vampire beast el chupacabra, the third most famous unexplained creature in the world (after the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot).

During the news conference, which will be available at and Ustream on Tuesday, March 22 at noon eastern, Radford will definitively solve the mystery of the creature and explain exactly what it is. This is NOT just another DNA result from a dead Texas dog or coyote that has made news before: this is the complete solution to the origin and nature of this vampire beast. Additional materials, including b-roll video, photographs, and a downloadable presskit, will also be available.  ... ...

The chupacabra (“goat sucker” in Spanish) has been blamed for the mysterious deaths of thousands of animals since the 1990s. Originating in Latin America yet known worldwide, the chupacabra is a bizarre blend of vampire and chameleon, changing its appearance and characteristics depending on when and where it is seen. Rooted in conspiracy theory and anti-American sentiment, the beast is said to be the result of Frankenstein-like secret U.S. government experiments in the Puerto Rican jungles.

Additional facts about the chupacabra:

* Unlike other mysterious creatures such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, accounts of the chupacabra are relatively recent—dating back only to the early 1990s

* The earliest eyewitness account of the creature originates with a single individual, a “witness zero” from the town of Canóvanas in Puerto Rico

* While some sightings (and physical evidence) of the chupacabra can be explained as coyotes, wild dogs, or other known animals with severe parasite infections, the original and most popular (and alien) form of the creature has never been fully explained—until now ....


This "solution" fails to explain the real goats and real chickens that have real blood sucked out of them until they are real dead.

We are to believe that the death, the puncture marks and the loss of blood are all caused by a woman's misinterpretation of a movie monster?

Even neglecting  the physical evidence that real animals are attacked and killed, correlation does not prove causation. How do you know that the person who made the "species" monster wasn't influenced by hearing an earlier account of the real Chupacabra?

I'd buy that there are humans or some other animals doing the killing, which is why I did research myself. The people I talked to convinced me that there is a real animal, bipedal, about three feet high, with large wrap around eyes and three fingered claws.

I reported two different sightings in Calavaras County California, where there are lots of goats and caves. Take a look at the photos I took of a dog that was attacked in the area of the Chupacabra (and UFO) sighting and tell me if the wound was made by a fictional movie monster, and if not, what animal could do this kind of damage?

Read my article on El Chupacabra.

Now to be fair, here the description given of El Chupacabra by Ms. Tolentino. Compare it to the Species monster in the photo above.
Ms. Madelyne Tolentino and her husband, Mr. Jose Miguel Agosto, are interviewed by Lucy of the Puerto Rican Research Group on March 20th, 1996 in Barrio Campo Rico in Canóvanas, Puerto Rico. The sighting was second week of August 1995 about 4 PM.

Madelyne Tolentino: "... It would seem that when the creature became aware of the car it didn't want to get too close to it, and stood in front of the window through which I was looking outward.

Lucy: Was the creature aware that you were looking at it?

MT: At first, no. Later, I noticed that it was indeed looking back at me by its eye movements.

Lucy: What change did you observe in its eyes?

MT: It moved them constantly, side to side. It dawned on me that it had no whites to its eyes.

Lucy: What color were they?

MT: Dark gray.

Lucy: Did you notice anything else about them?

MT: They were damp and protruding, running up to its temples, spread to the sides.

Lucy: How tall was the creature?

MT: Some 4 feet, more or less. At the time it was walking like a human, on both legs. Its arms were drawn back into an attack position, as though it was a monster.

Lucy: How many fingers did it have?

MT: It had three long, skinny fingers. The arms were also very long. They were drawn back, but I had the impression that they were very long.

Lucy: And its hair?

MT: Rather short and close to its body, rather well-combed, in fact. ...

To me, MT is clearly NOT describing the metallic hairless suit worn by the creature in the movie Species here. She continues with more vivid and specific detail. I guess I'll rent Species to see if the monster had purple skin.
... I noticed that it had apparently been burned by something. It had some round things on its body and the region seemed ashen as if something had burned it right there. The burn mark revealed pinkish-purple skin, as if the top layer had fallen off.

Lucy: As if it had been shot?

MT: No, no, no, not a shot. It looked like it had burned itself with something, and among the ashes you could see this pinkish-purple skin.

.... MT: There's a gentleman named Daniel Prez who once ran for mayor of Canvanas. He's a serious and well-educated man. It was around the time of the primary elections, I'm not exactly sure when. He had to go supervise the polling places when he heard that "ssssssssss" sound and saw the creature drop out of the sky onto a rock. He let out a scream. He says he was shouting to his wife: "Brunilda, a Chupacabras!"

Lucy: How did he know it was a Chupacabras?

MT: Because he had already seen the sketches and knew what it looked like. He says the creature stood on the rock for a while and then suddenly leaped through two dense trees without damaging a single leaf ...

Another point: The species creature has tentacles, something no Chupacabra has ever been described with, AFAIK. Species is a 1995 American science fiction horror film.

MT's sighting was the 2nd week of August 1995. Species was released July 7, 1995, so the timing is right. If MT saw Species she may indeed have confused details about her own sighting with the movie monster, but this still does not explain what she and her husband saw or what is out there sucking the goats.
The first reported attacks occurred in March 1995 in Puerto Rico. In this attack, eight sheep were discovered dead, each with three puncture wounds in the chest area and completely drained of blood. A few months later, in August, an eyewitness, Madelyne Tolentino, reported seeing the creature in the Puerto Rican town of Canóvanas, when as many as 150 farm animals and pets were reportedly killed. In 1975, similar killings in the small town of Moca, were attributed to El Vampiro de Moca (The Vampire of Moca). Initially it was suspected that the killings were committed by a Sataniccult; later more killings were reported around the island, and many farms reported loss of animal life. Each of the animals had their bodies bled dry through a series of small circular incisions.

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A conclusion is just where you get tired of thinking.

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