Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Creator Of 'A Note To God' App In Coma

The creator of an iPhone app called "A Note To God" is in a coma after being hit by a car early Sunday morning.

Allen Wright, 18, left a friend's house and was walking at Sunrise Boulevard and Arcadia Drive at about 12:45 a.m. Sunday morning when he was hit by a car, Josh Hart, Wright's brother-in-law, confirmed with KCRA 3.

In 2009, Wright developed an iPhone application that allows users to send up prayers that go into cyberspace and can be viewed by others.

Hart said that a friend was on the phone with Wright when he was hit. After the collision, the friend said he could hear cars driving by but no sound from Wright.

When family members got to the scene, they found one of Wright's shoes in the road. A family member eventually found the Del Campo High School senior sitting down on an island in the middle of the roadway, conscious but bleeding from the ears and not talking.

At some point, Wright suffered a seizure and lost consciousness. He has been in a coma at Mercy San Juan Hospital since the crash, Hart said.

As of Tuesday afternoon, police were still looking for the driver of the car that hit Wright.

via Creator Of 'A Note To God' App In Coma - Most Popular News Story - KCRA Sacramento.

The messages people post on this app (I just got it after reading this news) are really interesting. People need money, they drink, they are depressed, lonely, self conscious, disconnected from the world and some are bipolar. They thank him for good days.  They really believe that God exists, that he is listening and that he cares.

These are much better than kid's notes to Santa Claus.  Great app. Great insight into people's deepest concerns and hopes.

But God, why did you smite the young App creator? Jealous? Don't have an iPhone and feel left out? Hmmm. Anyway, here's hoping Allen Wright recovers quickly and fully.


Cheng said...

The driver of the car was probably sending a "Note to God" at the time of the accident.

Patrick said...


DOB said...

That is not funny. A young man’s life is in danger, and you make jokes. Shame on you. Allen needs prayers for his recovery, not jokes about the driver.

Cheng said...

Grow up!

Sunshine said...

Unreal. So God was the one driving the car? God was the one who abandoned Allen on the road? Seriously?

Xeno, I pity your inability to utilize clarity and common sense.

Xeno said...

Which god did you misunderstand me to believe was driving the car? Thor? Zeus? Ra? If you save up your pity, you might be able to buy an understanding of irony. ;-)

Here's a bit of clarity: There is no evidence for gods other than human imagination, misinterpretation of real observed events (such as the motion of planets), self righteous labeling of the unknown in a failed ploy to disavow ignorance, and a misguided trust in the misreported misunderstandings of ancient people.

No one abandoned Allen on the road other than the driver who hit him. His friend on the phone stayed with him. Allen was walking alone.

As I said, I hope he recovers quickly! I enjoy his app.

rinikitty said...

Lol anything about religion makes a conflict. Even this blog posting lol

Blogger said...

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