Thursday, March 3, 2011

Missing Frame shows UFO hoax

Via Phantoms and Monsters blog.  A nice catch. What if it is real and it was watching the camera ... and blinked off for one frame just to cast doubt. ;-)

Single frame before the truck passes in front of the camera

Immediately after the truck (at the right of the frame) passes by camera

Has anyone translated what they are saying? I'd run or drive to where something seemed to fall to the ground, filming all the way. Wonder why they didn't do that?


Mirlen101 said...

Or they could have a way more advanced sense of humor ! ? ;-)

Rocky said...

I don't get it, what does this prove?

Xeno said...

A frame is one still image in the video. A video is just a series of single pictures played fast. When you doctor a video, adding a UFO, for example, your fake UFO can be some real object you film and then overlap with the scene, or it can be a digital special effect.

Since the hoaxed object isn't really in the picture, if it is supposed to be hidden when something is "in front" of it, then you have to remove the fake object from the video exactly at that point.

It looks very much like a person hoaxed the UFO because they missed a frame. When the truck passed, the UFO should still be there, if it was really there. The missing frame right after the truck passes means the UFO is most likely not in the original video, that it was probably added by video editing, and they missed a frame. Make sense?