Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Philadelphia Breast Surgeon Moonlights as Knife Thrower

Dr. Ted Eisenberg has a target in his backyard where he practices throwing knives and tomahawks.Meet Dr. Ted Eisenberg, holder of the world record for the most breast surgeries performed in a lifetime.

Rest assured, ladies -- you're probably in safe hands.

Not content with handling scalpels all day, in his spare time Eisenberg is a competitive knife thrower.

Inspired by fictional Australian outback hero Crocodile Dundee and James Bond movies, the Philadelphia surgeon is a delicate artist by day who relaxes after hours with tomahawks and hunting knives."It's a little unusual, it is a little different, but it's not that different from bowling or golf, which you can watch on TV all day, every day," Eisenberg told AOL News.

"I have always thought it was kind of cool watching James Bond movies, Crocodile Dundee -- anybody who was able to wield a knife and throw it across the room and make it stick.  ...

via Philadelphia Breast Surgeon Moonlights as Knife Thrower.

It would be a little less disturbing if his targets didn't look like ... never mind.

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rinikitty said...

I agree... The targets are a bit unfortunate. I guess a man who works with breasts all day probably has that imagine implanted in his mind.